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Stanley Junction: CR 44 with a passenger train southbound. The splitting signal for the northbound traffic can be seen in the background. Stanley Junction was where the Highland Railway line to Inverness began. [HL Salmon 372]


Hello and welcome to the Caledonian Railway Association (CRA) website.

The CRA was formed in 1983 to further the study of all aspects of the Caledonian Railway, its constituents, subsidiaries and successors, in all their forms and activities.

Membership of the Association is open to everyone who shares our interests, aims and objectives. Information is disseminated and shared through our quarterly Journal 'The True Line' and via the CRA Forum, which can receive posts from all registered members.

The CRA maintains contact with Heritage Railways, Museums and National Repositories to assist in the preservation and or conservation of artefacts, archives and information relating to the Caledonian Railway. Our own Archive is steadily expanding through donations and acquisitions and is accessible to all researchers.

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