Officers and Contacts

The Association is managed through a committee of officers, each of whom is appointed for a three year term. If you have need to contact the Association it would help considerably if you could direct you message to the appropriate officer.

Current officers   Principal points of contact for
Chairman: Jim Pairman Chairman
Vice Chairman: Jim Summers Modelling
Secretary: Douglas Hind General Enquiries
Treasurer: Sinclair Coghill Financial Matters, excluding Membership Subscriptions
Membership Secretary: Allan Ferguson Membership queries and Journal Distribution queries
Editor: Alistair Maclean Journal Content
Archivist Allan Ferguson Archive
Photograph Archivist: Donald Peddie Photograph Archive
Sales Mail Order: Angus McIntosh Mail order and back numbers
Exhibitions: David Coddington Exhibitions
Exhibition Sales Officer: Jim Pairman Exhibition Sales and Pre-orders for Collection