TLM CCT to Diagram 11A and other goodies

Details and announcements about our expanding range of specially designed and produced kits of resin wagons, transfers and etched parts
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tony brenchley
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TLM CCT to Diagram 11A and other goodies

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A lot of you have been waiting for news of our next TLM project.

The CCT will be available as a kit consisting:

Moulded resin body and plasticard roof
An etched brass sprung underframe with bearings and steel wire (in the Bill Bedford style)
A full set of white metal castings for dual brake and other components
Instructions and advice on the Forum for putting the various bits and pieces together

I am waiting for the etches that include the underframes and hope these will be delivered in September. I can then start putting the kits together and get them sent out to you. I don't have the final costs yet but hope the complete assembly can be made available to CRA members for £20 each. To ensure we recover the development and production costs involved I will not be selling any of the above parts separately.

In order to create the underframe etch I had to arrange for a special etch to be designed and made. This partly explains the long delay but I also had considerable difficulties in sourcing a comprehensive set of special white metal castings. The etch including the CCT underframe includes a very useful selection of other CR stuff in 4mm scale including pre-Drummond w-irons, McIntosh 3 position brake gear, signalling bits, station awning brackets and poster boards. All these items will be available for you to buy in due course and I will publish a complete list with prices which I can assure you will be very modest.

This etch also includes brake gear for our next wagon kit -- the Diagram 59 16-ton mineral wagon. Again this had to be specially made as no manufacturer to my knowledge offers etched brake gear in 4mm scale for 8'6" wheelbase wagons. The D59 wagon pattern is currently with the manufacturer for samples and hopefully I will be able to offer them to you as complete kits with body, brake gear and castings in November. Again I don't have full costs yet but this is likely to be £14 for CRA members.

Please do not order yet. I will post an announcement on the Forum when I have all the necessary components for the CCT and later for the D59 wagon

I am sure you will find that has been worth the long wait.

Tony B
Jim Summers
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Re: TLM CCT to Diagram 11A and other goodies

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Just to tantalise everyone a bit more . . .

Last night I had an opportunity to see Ian Terrell and the actual etch, which is more than Tony has so far. I was bowled over.

It is absolutely gorgeous with some incredibly fine filigree etching, especially on the semaphore signal spectacle plates. There is a full selection of the arms, including the skeleton crossed arms and the very old shunting arm with the vertical plate (see the Signalling Book). Poster boards, veranda supports, outside axleguards with various subtleties, and all sorts of detailed delights are there.

Congratulations to all concerned, especially Ian Terrell and his 4mm Developments business, for bringing some real excitement into our lives. I await Tony's formal announcement of the availability with impatience, but the wait will be worthwhile.

And something to add to Lindsay's Modelling Resources revised list.

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