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Details and announcements about our expanding range of specially designed and produced kits of resin wagons, transfers and etched parts
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TLM Stock

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I have been checking the TLM stock prior to receiving the components for the CCT kit. All the exhibition stock was returned to me after the Perth Show so what I have here is the full extent of stock from previous projects.

This comprises:

3 x D22 mineral wagons
40 x D3 vans
6 x D59 wagon bodies from the first batch which we rejected as the sides are too thin. Two of these are usable but the sides need thickening.

I have castings to go with the D22 and D3 bodies, and some of these are suitable for the D59 wagons but you would need brake etches.

Prices for CRA members are unchanged at £11.70 each with castings sets and etched brake lever and £9 body only, £4 p&p for any quantity. The reject D59 bodies are £4.50 each.

For members who feel inspired to model the NBR version of the D3 van I acquired a limited number of brake etches of the NBR style brake as previously sold by Eastfield Models and now in Ian Terrell's NBR Developments range. These are from my own stock and are £1.50 per etch from me in exchange for a cheque and stamped addressed envelope. You will have to source your own NBR buffers, springs and axleboxes etc. from the 51L range. 51L do not have the correct brake.

Orders to me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . I no longer handle any money and payments for wagons can be made by Paypal, direct payment to the CRA or by cheque to our Treasurer, Sinclair Coghill. Please email for further details. My postal address for any takers of the NBR brake etch is: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Some members have asked whether we intend to repeat any of the other TLM wagons. The answer is no unless I can be persuaded that there is sufficient demand to sell at least 30 of any one wagon reasonable quickly. I would prefer not to create a lot of slow moving TLM stock when the CRA's limited financial resources may be better used for other projects.

Tony B
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