TLM Etch - next phase?

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TLM Etch - next phase?

Post by lindsay_g »

I gather many if not all of the items on the last etch have been sold out. If all items have been sold out, there would appear to be a case for having more etches produced. If only some are sold out, there seems to be a case for having more of these etched along with some of the other items suggested since the first etch, although I realise that that isn't as simple requiring new artwork for the etchers.

However, can I throw yet another item into the mix? Some time ago, there was discussion on springing of mineral bogies and resulted in the image of a test etch which somehow I managed to miss first time round ( ... hp?id=2289). Has there been any progress or thoughts on this initiative? I ask because I've just added inside bearing compensation units (from MJT) to a few 10T Loco Coal Wagons and an old coach as there are no sprung items on the market and few, if any, other compensation items. As there are currently no inside bearing sprung items on the market there is a definite gap to be filled - not only for CR modellers but all modellers that wish to go down the sprung route (and not necessarily restricted to P4 modellers either).

Such sprung units would not be limited to mineral bogies but a wide selection of vehicles both passenger and goods. However, there probably needs to be work done on proving the feasibility of the concept. Whilst it should be workable in a number of scenarios, I'm now wondering if enough weight could be added to a 6 or 7 ton mineral bogie that is modelled empty (although a floor could be modelled from lead albeit well over prototypical thickness - but could probably go unnoticed in any case).


tony brenchley
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Re: TLM Etch - next phase?

Post by tony brenchley »

Hi Lindsay

Yes there is an inside bearing springing unit for the mineral bogies. Allan Ferguson produced this in association with Ian Terrell a couple of years ago. These units were included on the last etch and at Allan's request I sent them all to him There will be about 24 units in all. I am not sure what Allan's plans are for these. I thought he was planning to sell them but I have not seen anything about this on the Forum.

Photo from Allan attached for info.
CR Bogie underframe Forum.jpg
CR Bogie underframe Forum.jpg (166.35 KiB) Viewed 11576 times
I will do a stock check on the remaining etches I have and publish this on the Forum for all to know.

Tony B
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Re: TLM Etch - next phase?

Post by dumb buffer »

I did indeed design these for my own use, primarily under the "bogies", but the design is
adaptable to other 4 wheeled vehicles with the springs inside the axleguards, of which
there were a number in the pre Drummond period.
The design works and is effective. However, as with most sprung vehicles, there needs
to be enough weight, ideally 40g per axle, and this cannot be achieved in a resin "bogie"
without putting something inside e.g. false lead floor.
There is a fair amount of work involved in assembling and installing the unit, and this may
well be a disincentive to it's use. I have a particular, illogical, preference for springing rather than
compensation, and this is what impelled me to develop the unit.
It is possible to fit an internal bearing compensation unit from MJT for very much less cost and with
very much less effort. I had contemplated producing the suspension units commercially, but I decided
few people would want the extra cost, time, and effort, so abandoned the idea. I have
handed out a few to various people (can't remember who all), but I've not had any feedback.
The design was developed by Ian Terrel based on my input (I couldn't do the CAD), and fitted in to a corner of one
of his etch sheets. The current iteration has one or two shortcomings which I haven't yet revised.
So if TLM wants to produce the thing then I'd be happy to discuss it. If Lindsay wants one or two
I could let him have them.

Allan F
Suspension etch 2017.jpg
Suspension etch 2017.jpg (47.59 KiB) Viewed 11569 times
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Re: TLM Etch - next phase?

Post by tony brenchley »

Stock of Etches at 3 January 2018

As promised the remaining stock is:

CR007 o/s axleguards 8
CR008 o/s axleguards 2
McIntosh brake 22
Awning Bracket 13
Signal sets 5

There are enough CCT underframes for the remaining bodies and sufficient D59 brakes for the current and a second batch of bodies.

That's all folks!

Tony B
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