TLM Update

Details and announcements about our expanding range of specially designed and produced kits of resin wagons, transfers and etched parts
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TLM Update

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Things have been quiet on this section of the Forum for some time although there has been plenty of activity. The current state of play is as follows.

RY Pickering Mineral Wagon
Our second batch of 50 is now sold out. I have a few white metal castings and brake etches surplus which I am planning to exchange for castings for our next project unless somebody wants to make an offer for these.

CR Cattle Wagon
There are 11 sets of resin body castings with roof remaining. I do not have full sets of white metal castings for these but can reorder if required but see below. This is your last chance to buy these as we will not repeat this resin casting.

CR 8-ton Diagram 22 Mineral Wagon
This was intended to be our next production. Unfortunately there were problems with the pattern and only a limited number of castings were produced. These went to people who had previously expressed a commitment to support this project with pre-orders.

We can produce another batch of 50 wagons but this will need sufficient new pre-orders to justify making a new pattern. If I can get committed orders for at least 25 wagons we could consider this after the Diagram 46 wagon.

CR 8-ton Diagram 46 Mineral Wagon
This is planned as our next project. The body will be a one-piece moulding with some minor detailing to add by hand. The white metal castings set for this wagon is similar to that of the cattle wagon so I will be stocking up with these when I have the resin body castings. I don't have a date yet but these should be available in the early autumn.

We are hoping to keep the by-post price for members below £9 per body or £12 with white metal castings with a discounted price for 4 or more wagons. To secure your wagons please let me have committed pre-orders or expressions of interest by Forum PM or email to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Future Projects
We are always considering subjects for future projects. The 2 criteria for these are that we won't duplicate anything already produced by 51L Models and there should be a reasonable prospect of selling a complete batch of 50 by post and exhibition sales. Two prototypes are under consideration at present - a 16-ton mineral wagon and a cask wagon. If you have a favourite wagon that you want to see in the programme please let me know

Tony B
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