Components and Prices for TLM Mineral Wagons

Details and announcements about our expanding range of specially designed and produced kits of resin wagons, transfers and etched parts
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Components and Prices for TLM Mineral Wagons

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I can now confirm the prices for the new mineral wagons for CRA members. We have had to increase prices slightly due to increased prices for the castings and postage but we are still offering them to CRA members at near cost price. You won't find 4mm wagons kits of this quality and at this price anywhere else!

From the CRA Exhibition Stand
Bodies only - £6.50 each or £6.00 each for 4 or more.
Bodies with components - £10.00 each or £9.00 each for 4 or more.

By Mail Order
Bodies only - £8.50 each or £7.00 each for 4 or more.
Bodies with components - £11.50 each or £9.50 for 4 or more.

The multiple price will apply to either wagon or combinations of both.

The components sets are illustrated in the photo below. For obvious reasons diagram 22 sets don't included buffers. The brake lever etches come in pairs so if you order an odd number of wagons you will get a bonus spare.
IMG_3240.JPG (299 KiB) Viewed 5031 times
Stocks of bodies and 'bodies with components will be available from the CRA stand at ModelRail, Glasgow, but initial supplies are limited. We will have a lot more delivered in March and if you can be patient we would prefer you to obtain them at the AGM or Scaleforum North if possible.

For the same reason I won't start handling orders by mail until I have more stocks. As usual please send your order with cheques payable to "The Caledonian Railway Association" to Tony Brenchley, 3 Spinney Road, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich NR7 0PW. If you want castings please specify 'OO' or P4. If you don't you will get P4.

Will those people who pre-ordered please confirm the order in writing and don't forget your cheque. You will be served first.

I probably won't need to institute a 'first come first served' policy as we have already ordered a second batch of each wagon but if they go very fast I might have to reconsider.

On a final note - stocks of the RYP mineral wagon and CR cattle van are now sold out. One or two people have asked if we are going to produce more cattle wagons. The answer is yes if we have sufficient advanced orders to justify ordering a new batch of 50. If you are interested I don't want your money until this becomes a possibility but do need your firm commitment to support a new order.

Tony B
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