Brake for Diagram 22 Traders Wagons

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tony brenchley
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Brake for Diagram 22 Traders Wagons

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Those of you who have followed the thread on the diagram 22 wagons built for private traders will know that they were not fitted with the same single brake as for those built for and by the CR. This was more like a brake arrangement used by the NBR.

Thanks to Mike Williams we have a small supply of etches for this style of brake that were originally sold by Eastfield Models. A photo of the etch is attached below and I have a set of instructions that is too big to upload as an attachment here but I could send as an email attachment.
IMG_3241.JPG (173.38 KiB) Viewed 8063 times
I have 10 of these etches and Jim Pairman has a further 10 for the exhibition stand for sale at 50p each. My 10 will go to the first bidders of whom I am one for 1. If you wish to stake a claim please email me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or send a PM via the Forum. I can add to your postal order in due course or if you are in a hurry send me a stamped addressed envelope with the correct remittance payable to the Caledonian Railway Association once I have confirmed your bid.

Tony B
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Re: Brake for Diagram 22 Traders Wagons

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I regret that the etches supplied to me have already been sold.
I do, however, discovered some Fox Coach Bogie castings which I will have at SECC, £5.00 for two sets
Other castings available, as mentioned in the last True Line, are Connor type loco buffers @ £1.00 for 4 and cast coach alarm and gas valve, again @ £1.00 for 4
See me at SECC on the CRA stand
Jim P
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Re: Brake for Diagram 22 Traders Wagons


The brake gear is now available from North British Developments at £1.50 per pair. It's been re-designed and is probably easier to install.


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