Mineral Wagons Update

Details and announcements about our expanding range of specially designed and produced kits of resin wagons, transfers and etched parts
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tony brenchley
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Mineral Wagons Update

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Apologies to all those who gave me advanced orders for d22 and d46 mineral wagons and in particular to those who sent me money. I had hoped to be awash with these by now.

Unfortunately there has been a delay at the manufacturer of the body mouldings and I will not get the first of these until May. I have 50 d22 and 100 d46 on order so there will be plenty in due course and I will resume the postal service as soon as I can. Some people gave me orders for delivery at Scaleforum North which obviously I am not able to complete. I will see you there and we can decide future actions then.

For those who sent me cheques with orders I have asked the CRA Treasurer not to pay these in until I have the goods and sent them.

For anybody who has not ordered or pre-ordered I will post a note on the Forum when I have the bodies so you can confirm your order and send me money although for personal
reasons I might not be able to complete all these until June.

Have fun - I am!

'Tony B
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