A Roof for the TLM Drummond Van

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tony brenchley
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A Roof for the TLM Drummond Van

Post by tony brenchley » Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:32 pm

Jim Pairman had problems with his roofs on the Drummond vans. I like removable roofs as they avoid having to mask for painting and for carriages enable access for finishing the glazing, interiors and to add passengers.

The attached notes describe my method for making a removable roof for the Drummond van but the method is applicable to any covered vehicle. I have given the sizes for the Drummond van.

The dappled lighting effect does wonders for the van!

Tony B
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Re: A Roof for the TLM Drummond Van

Post by jimwatt2mm » Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:38 pm

This is very similar to the arrangement I have done in my etched kits for brake vans and cattle trucks. There is a roof base onto which a central rib is located by tabs in the latter and slots in the former. The ends of the base bend up and are profiled to match the ends of the vehicle. They each have two wee tabs which locate in slots in the roof, thus centreing the roof accurately and squarely. Where the tabs locate in the roof can be filled with solder and smoothed off to be invisible. The whole thing is then a neat fit inside the body. In the case of the brake vans it fits between the inner partitions.

Jim W

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