CR Poster for Tarbet Hotel

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tony brenchley
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CR Poster for Tarbet Hotel

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This poster appears on the front of a note book bought for me by my son at the NRM in York.

If my memory is correct Tarbet Hotel is only a stone's throw away from Arrochar and Tarbet Station on the West Highland line. I believe the Caledonian operated steamers on Loch Lomond from Balloch which enabled it to offer through tickets to Tarbet. Did the company have any financial interest in the hotel or was this just another dig at the NBR?

Tony B
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dumb buffer
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Re: CR Poster for Tarbet Hotel

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I don't think there was any railway ownership of the Tarbert Hotel, although of course the hotel may have paid the Railway company for the plug. It's quite some walk from the hotel to the station, which is roughly equidistant between Arrochar and Tarbert. I note the NB train running along the WHL up the hillside -- I wonder if the NBR had an identical poster, seeing the steamers were jointly owned?

Allan F
Dave Lochrie
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Re: CR Poster for Tarbet Hotel

Post by Dave Lochrie »

At least you could reach the advertised location via Caledonian Trains and Steamers (admitedly joint line).
But how do you exlain this top tourist destination -with the presumed added thrill of a change at Birmingham New Street (as neither Caledonian or WCJS operated through coaches)! The usually prominent Caledonian branding looks like something of an afterthought.
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Dave L
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