Colour of CR Uniforms

The day to day working of the Caledonian Railway Company, including its constituents and successors.
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Colour of CR Uniforms

Post by lindsay_g »

I can't really find a better category under which to post this thread. Also I can't find much discussion on this topic previously on the Forum - apologies if I've missed it!

Can anyone shed any light on the colour of CR uniforms and clothing? Perhaps there might have been reference to colour in company minutes relating to purchase of uniforms/clothing. Might there have been a difference in colour between that worn by driving crew and other personnel? It's obviously impossible to say from B&W images whether they were shades of blue or of grey, but there also seems to be differences in shade or tone.

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Re: Colour of CR Uniforms

Post by dunalastairv »

Good morning, Lindsay,

One piece of definitive information I can give: I'm lucky enough to own a standard issue Caledonian cap, or 'bunnet', complete with 'C.R.' initials embroidered in with gold-coloured wire. Though faded, this was originally navy blue in colour, so it's a good bet the uniforms were too.

All the best, Michael.
Jim Summers
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Re: Colour of CR Uniforms

Post by Jim Summers »

There are a few pages on uniform from p14 onwards in "Operating the Caledonian Railway Vol. One".
Blue-black figures throughout, but a blue cap is also mentioned, and green is dismissed - despite a poem!

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Re: Colour of CR Uniforms

Post by tony brenchley »

Lindsay - Dave Lochrie did some research on uniforms few years ago which I am sure he would be willing to share with us. I am not sure how contactable he is at the moment so hopefully this encourage a response from him.
Tony B
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Re: Colour of CR Uniforms

Post by Mike 1 »

The standard work on railway uniforms is "Railway Buttons, Badges & Uniforms" by David J. Froggatt. My copy is not accessible just now but somebody here will have one ....

Dave Lochrie
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Re: Colour of CR Uniforms

Post by Dave Lochrie »

I will try to draft a response to this over the coming days. Unlike for some companies, there are no surviving uniform guides by grade of staff, for the Caledonian. There is a certain amount of circumstantial evidence and using the same approach as Jim's Caledonian Railway Livery book the analysis of photograghs can also be revealing.
Jim Summers sent me a copy of a recently acquired Caledonian Uniforms Account Book from 1898 which fills in some gaps, but is mostly useful in showing the relative cost for each grade.
As with all such research analysis of photograghs shows some variation, but I think the biggest gap is the colour of cap bands which were clearly differentiated by grade, would be relevant even on small scale models, but after a discussion of some photographs here on the forum, I'm sure we can arrive at a consensus?
Be warned however, that Caledonian modellers are condemned forever to discussions about shades of blue, and Caledonian uniforms provide no escape, and we are not talking about a single shade!

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Re: Colour of CR Uniforms


Don't know if you've seen this - from the Carluke History website. I feel a diversionary thread on bunnets coming on.......... ... nstaff.jpg
CPHS0075braidwoodstationstaff01_th.jpg (9.32 KiB) Viewed 4072 times

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Re: Colour of CR Uniforms

Post by jimwatt2mm »

Like that photo! My father was the headmaster of Braidwood PS back in the mid-1950's. The school and schoolhouse were ½mile down the hill from the station, but I can recall going with my father to load strawberries from the garden into a van in the goods shed.

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