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LNWR Carriages

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2021 12:17 pm
by Orbiston
There is a tantalising reference in David Jenkinson's "LNWR Carriages - a Concise History" to several types of LNWR coaches (not WCJS diagrams) being dual fitted to work over CR lines. Did LNWR coaches work over CR lines? Perhaps pressed into service on WCJS trains at times of pressure? There is an earlier thread from 2012 on CR borrowing coaches from NER and GER. Did something similar happen with LNWR?

Re: LNWR Carriages

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2021 8:22 pm
by Short Road Pilot
Yes indeed. The C.R. borrowed rakes of carriages from the LNWR and also loaned carriages to the LNWR. This was usually at holiday times during the summer when internal excursion traffic was unusually heavy. The LNWR would work the necessary vehicles to Carlisle for handing over to the C.R. for a specific time period and then the vehicles would be returned to the LNWR. and vice-versa.
The C.R. also borrowed and loaned vehicles to/from the N.E.R. I have a note of the C.R. loaning stock from the G.N.S.R. to work an excursion in the Dundee area around 1909. There were other instances of stock utilisation. L. & Y. R. stock was 'purloined' from Larkfield Carriage Shed on a Saturday for an excursion from Hamilton to Edinburgh (Princes Street) and return. It was then worked back to Larkfield as empty stock, it then returned South on a Manchester excursion which it had formed on on the outward journey from Manchester on the previous Friday evening. The L. & Y. R. stock was vacuum fitted but a C.R. dual fitted loco was specified for the excursion. The C.R. also ran duplicate trains on the C. R. Edinburgh- Glasgow service utilising L.N.W.R. vehicles that were lying spare at Slateford. Basically using what stock was to hand when a large number of excursions had to be run. One could go on and on!!!


Re: LNWR Carriages

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:00 pm
by Mike 1
Very interesting. Most LNWR saloon carriages were dual fitted for that reason, though I have no specific evidence of any particular one travelling over the Caledonian it must have happened as there is evidence of them on other lines.

Not quite the same (well nothing like it really) but I know an LNWR 6-wheeled saloon was grounded at Wemyss Bay until the 1960s. Anyone know exactly where it was or have any photographs?


Re: LNWR Carriages

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2021 1:29 pm
by Jim Summers
Dare I mention that the evolution of excursion traffic and the operating issues involved were the subject of a chapter in "Operating the Caledonian Railway Vol, One", and braking of engines and/or train sets were are covered in Vol. Two.

Jim S

Re: LNWR Carriages

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 12:16 pm
by Orbiston
Your advert worked! :D

Re: LNWR Carriages

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 9:55 am
by tony brenchley
Please see my article "Tales from the Berry Town" TTL 141 for a reference to dual fitted Caley engines being sent to Blairgowrie for working English stock on fruit specials. More than likely this was LNWR stock and there is also a photo of LNWR vans being loaded at Auchterarder.

Tony B