Current affairs and our next meetings

The day to day working of the Caledonian Railway Company, including its constituents and successors.
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Current affairs and our next meetings

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The True Line is not yet on your doormat. It has not been eaten by the dog. We expect the printers to start despatching Issue 158 about Friday 21st October.

It will of course contain details of our next meetings.
I would like to emphasise that we will be back in person in our pre-Covid venue of the Renfield St Stephen’s Church Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JP. We start at 1400, though of course I am sure many of you will want to be there in good time to catch up with folk you haven’t seen for a while.

That said, the committee has spent money on quality equipment to make it possible for those furth of the Glasgow area to enjoy the meetings through our Webinar arrangement. The Webinars have proved one of the few benefits of the pandemic, so in future we plan to run what are known as “hybrid” meetings, i.e. meetings in person which can be simultaneously viewed on line. We were encouraged by our first attempt at the AGM in Carlisle, even if we learned that your Chairman can talk longer than the microphone batteries last . . . .

With the new and more sophisticated equipment comes a learning curve, so please bear with us if there are hiccoughs.

It also comes with a need for a volunteer or two to learn how to set up and control the equipment. To be the producerWin other words. This could be you. You don’t have to be a member of the committee; you just need to want to ensure on the day that the best is done for those watching across the world.
So, please consider taking this on and talk to myself either in person or via

And so to our next meetings:

5th November 2022
Iain Quin has impressed us in the past with his accounts of the Caledonian’s adventures on the River Clyde and the handsome vessels they employed. On this occasion he is going to look at what the passengers experienced when aboard and at the personalities who had them in their care. It was all part of the railway company we love.

3rd December 2022
Graham Todd will open up the 'PRIVATE AND NOT FOR PUBLICATION' Special Traffic documents and highlight noteworthy operations. We know how diligent a researcher Graham is, so there are sure to be some intriguing workings and explanations.

I’m looking forward to meeting folk in person once more, and especially anyone who would like to help with producing the Webinar side of the afternoon.

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