The day to day working of the Caledonian Railway Company, including its constituents and successors.
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There is a compilation of Caledonian Railway Accidentst from 1844 to 1946 available to CRA Members, and others, Interested in The Caledonian Railway and Scottish Railway History.
It is available for Historical Research, Education, and General Interest, on a non-commercial basis.
Whilst compiling the Caledonian Railway Staff List, nearing 39,000 entries so far, I realised that we had an Interesting & Informative Record of Caledonian Railway, Staff, Locomotives, Carriages and Investigations into the Railway Accidents by the Board of Trade.
I have extracted the relevant Reports regarding the Caledonian Railway and it's Constituent Companies from the Board of Trade Quarterly Returns for all British Railway Companies from 1844 to 1923 and have included a selection of LMS Accident Reports which took place on Caledonian Metals from 1923 to 1946.
It starts with the Glasgow Paisley & Greenock Railway of 1844, which is usually only a few sentences but eventually expands into detailed recording of many pages, for example the Quintinshill Disaster of 1915. I have included also, all the minor investigations into "Trips and Falls", etc., which include details of daily working and conditions in all weathers for Caledonian Railway Staff.

This Information is on a DVD/CD and has 1185 Accidents listed Aphabetically to the place of the Accident along with the Year, i.e. Aberdeen 1883.

So we have a Complete Record of all Accidents, Major & Minor, on The Caledonian Railway for you to study and analyse at home on your Computer.

If you would like a Copy or Information then please contact me,

David Blevins.
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