Limewash for cattle wagons

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Jim Summers
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Limewash for cattle wagons

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In Another Place, well, the Highland Railway Society chatgroup actually, a question is being kicked around as to when the practice ceased of disinfecting of cattle wagons by limewashing. The whiteness is prominent enough in photos, but it is believed to have ended in the 1920s, it is said.

Anyone on this Forum more learned in such matters than the good folk of the Highland?

Jim S
dumb buffer
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Re: Limewash for cattle wagons

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There was some discussion on RMweb a few years ago which identified the date as 1926. But as always this may be for England, with Scotland following later. Apparently the lime rotted the beasts' hooves (One of my local farmers never refers to cows, always to cattle beasts). After this they used a mixture which was, apparentle, equal to Jeyes fluid. There was also a reference there to the corrosive effect of dung on the wagon floors, leading to them being coated with pitch or similar.

Allan F
Dave Lochrie
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Re: Limewash for cattle wagons

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I'm not a lawyer but... I believe the main piece of Legislation at this time was the Transit of Animals Order of 1927, which covers England, Wales and Scotland, and much of this remained in force with further amendments in 1975 and 1997 until superceded by The Transport of Animals (Cleansing and Disinfection) (Scotland) Regulations of 2000 and similar English legislation, dated 2003. The earlier Orders were dated 1895 and 1912, so 1927 it must be.
In fact Scottish legislation is often in advance (obviously) of its southern equivelant, partly due to being simpler to draft, but also it has to be admitted that for all its differences it can be used as a tester.
No idea what the implementation timetable for this sort of thing might be, but those modelling pre-group and BR need not worry, but it will be a tricky one for modellers of the late 1920's!

Dave L
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