CR Locos on the Highland

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David Elvy
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CR Locos on the Highland

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Jim Mac will know who has fuelled my interest in this question.

I am lead to believe that Caley loaned the Highland a couple of locos on trial, can anyone confirm if this is true, which locos and when are my initial questions?

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Re: CR Locos on the Highland

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I think I remember reading somewhere that an Oban bogie 4-6-0 was loaned for several years from during/just after the war until the grouping. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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Re: CR Locos on the Highland

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According to Highland Railway Locomaotives, Book 2 by Cormack & Stevenson, a note is made on page 161 regarding the CR locos on loan to the HR during the 1914-18 war. It states that 'at least 14 engines, mainly 4-4-0s and 0-6-0s but one 0-4-4T and one 0-4-0ST are believed to be on loan. Some of the tender locos were mplyed working traffic between Pert and Blair Atholl. Specific locos noted are 4-6-0 53 on the Kyle line in 1917-18, 4-6-0 56 working until 1922. 4-4-0s 70 & 75 (6'6" engines of 1884 build) returned in 1917. Number 75 was reported to be working thr far north line. The 0-6-0s included 555 & 682, 555 was reported working near Inverness in late 1920.

One very peculiar none CR loan was that of GWR Steam Railcar number 45 which was on loan from 1918 and used to provide a service between Dingwall and Invergordon, no doubt for Admiralty personnel. This vehicle was not returned to the GWR until late March 1924. Maybe a good excuse to have one running on a CR based layout as it was returned under its own steam! It later worked out of Penzance - probably the widest ever possible use of a GWR Railcar.

Dave Lochrie
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Re: CR Locos on the Highland

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Re GWR Steam Railmotors,
probably the widest ever possible use of a GWR Railcar.
they lasted a long time as well, here is No 93 on the Bodmin branch (12 miles from home) taken just a few weeks ago.
GWRS railmotor.jpg
GWRS railmotor.jpg (177.35 KiB) Viewed 4215 times
She is still in the area and was actually rostered to work timetabled Sunday services on the Looe Branch in recent weeks, the branch however is
doing less well, having been closed for a few weeks by one of many landslips caused by recent rainfall, Looe itself has been flooded twice in six weeks!

Dave L
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