Images of Outside Frame Minerals (Bogies)

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Images of Outside Frame Minerals (Bogies)

Post by lindsay_g » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:45 am

In another thread (deep within a modelling category which non-modellers may steer well clear off - click here), I made a request for images of Bogies.

Can I make this request again to all members via this post. Although we are trying to build up a better picture of variants of Bogies for modelling purposes, it might actual help build a better picture for Association members in general whether via a future article in TTL or wherever. So, might you have any images of Bogies whether individual photos or images of rakes of wagons? Would you be prepared to share them with the group (via the thread mentioned above as that's only available to CRA members) or just with me (they won't go any further for copyright purposes)? If the latter, send me a private message and I'll provide my email address if you don't know it already. Should any future article wish to include your image(s), we'd seek your prior approval.

I realise that there might be a lot of duplication in what is submitted, but I'm happy to handle that. If they're images from any the books that major on the Caley (such as the CRA prepared books, Caledonian Cavalcade, OS Nock's book, etc.) we will already have them. But, there are lots of other images (such as rakes of wagons at collieries, docks, etc.) that I know must exist as I have a few that I haven't been published elsewhere.

Get looking! Cheers,


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Re: Images of Outside Frame Minerals (Bogies)

Post by jimwatt2mm » Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:16 pm

Hi Lindsay.

I've put a couple of posts on the other thread which may be of interest.

Jim W

Jim Summers
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Re: Images of Outside Frame Minerals (Bogies)

Post by Jim Summers » Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:34 pm

A series of detailed and carefully researched studies of Scottish Outside Framed Mineral Wagons, with superb drawings, was submitted over a period to the HMRS Journal by Richard Davidson, a superb builder in 7mm.

It will take me a wee while to put these together for showing to Lindsay when I next see him. However those of you with files of the HMRS Journals will find the saga starts at Vol. 16 No. 12, and continues over a number of years.

Couple of pictures from his railway attached, I hope.

P1181720 compressed.JPG
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P1181706 compressed .JPG
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