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Mystery Vehicle

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:26 am
by Alisdair
This picture is extracted from the background of a Casserley photograph, held in the Highland Railway Society collection, of an HR Castle shunting in Millburn Road yard at Inverness in August 1937. The loading bank in front seems to have various permanent way materials laid out on it. I have not come across other photos showing the same vehicle in the yard.
The Engineer's bogie wagon in the rear of the bank is probably a modified CR diagram 54 vehicle with a roof added and side doors plated over. There is some dubiety about whether the roof extends the full length of the wagon, but I think, on balance, that it does. There are a couple of accesses through the roof.
Mike Williams makes mention in his book, of some diagram 54 vehicles being used as sleeper wagons, but this is clearly not the purpose in this case. However it is clear that some, at least, came into Engineer's use, where they could be modified to suit the exigencies of work required at the time. Has anybody an idea about the purpose of this vehicle as modified?