Breakdown Vans

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Breakdown Vans

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With reference to the article in True Line 149 can I draw folks attention to a discussion of DM354986 on the LMS Review web site? URI is After a wee faux pas from me, Peter Tatlow fairly conclusively shows this vehicle originated as a Midland Railway 31 foot composite to D516. DM354985 (bottom page 37) looks similar - so much so that might someone have misread a number or were the tool and riding vans both D516?

Switching hats, a drawing of D516 as built (together with many other MR coach drawings) can be downloaded from the LMS Society website: I have only completed uploading these in the past week so it is as yet a little known resource.

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Re: Breakdown Vans

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I think that's either the same riding van in both photos (7 years apart) or the D516 in the TL pic was replaced by an identical vehicle. It features in another 1966 pic in volume 7 of "LMS Engine Sheds", interestingly the Thompson BZ in the TL pic is still there but the CR tool van has gone.

Volume 1 of Peter Tatlow's "Railway Breakdown Cranes" has a superb colour photo of the two Dalry Road vans in 1959 both in ex-works red and showing useful roof detail. The Riding Van apppears to be DM354695. The photo is credited to Colour Rail.

Many thanks to George Russell for the article and to Jim !
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