6 Wheel Brake Van

Any aspect related to the prototype stock.
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6 Wheel Brake Van

Post by LarryC »

I have a friend who asks about 6 wheel brake vans. I hope someone can help.

"I'm building the Caley 20 ton 6 Wheeled Brake Van (Gladiator Kit) in O gauge. The instructions show the guards brake wheel column at one of the brake van only. However an example of this van is preserved at Bo'Ness and has a brake wheel column at both ends of the van. Any idea which is correct. Could the second brake column be an LMS or BR addition?"
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Re: 6 Wheel Brake Van

Post by jimwatt2mm »

The GA drawing of the Dia63 brake van in Mike's book, p254, appears to only show one brake standard.

Jim W
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Re: 6 Wheel Brake Van

Post by caleyJim »

Not sure I agree with that reading of the drawing as the right hand end shows the exterior of the van whereas the left shows the interior including the brake column. You could argue that the wheel of a second column would be visible from the outside and therefore be drawn but the small diagram of the van on page 255 of the same book appears to show two columns.

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Re: 6 Wheel Brake Van


You're right Jim S. Drawing 12063 shows the brake arrangement for the first van to order G210. It shows the linkage between the two brake columns and the Westinghouse brake cylinder that was fitted to the protoype van - and fiendishly complex it is. A later drawing (14022) shows the arrangement without Westinghouse (RHP68467 at Thomas Thompson House). I haven't seen that but I assume that there are two brake columns just the same. On drawing 12063 there's also a calculation of the pressure applied by the hand brake wheel each brake block.


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Re: 6 Wheel Brake Van

Post by lindsay_g »

I had ideas of adding brake detail to a model of a Dia 62 15T BV which also had a brake standard at both ends but had no idea of the rodding arrangements. To assist, Mike was good enough to send me a copy of the brake arrangement drawing for the 6 wheel BV. This definitely does show standards at both ends both offset c15" from centre to the same side of the van. As you might expect, the arrangement is quite complex with steam brake piping, cylinders, and rodding adding to the complexity.

Since I couldn't figure out how this would all equate to a 4 wheel van, and since the vast majority of the gubbins was around solebar level and wouldn't be seen ordinarily, I wimped out. Perhaps the wire of Alex Jackson couplings will give some illusion of the various rodding/levers!

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