Roof doors on LGW grain wagons

Any aspect related to the prototype stock.
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Kelvin White
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Roof doors on LGW grain wagons

Post by Kelvin White »

I’m about to convert a Dapol O gauge peaked roof Salt Wagon using the POW sides transfer.
However I can’t find a good photo prototype or accurate model of the roof doors.

Can somebody please post a photo.


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Graham R
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Re: Roof doors on LGW grain wagons

Post by Graham R »

Hi Kelvin,

Sorry this reply is a little late. Here is an Hurst Nelson builder's photo of an LGW wagon showing the top doors, from the CRA archive (CRA18440). The GNSRA archive also has photos of Pickering wagons (GNSRA77562 for a Distillers wagon, GNSRA77581 for an NB Storage wagon), and GNSRA22862 shows several wagons in service in a rake on Lower Granton Road where the roofs are clearly visible. If you are a CRA or GNSRA member you can see these images in the FSLS online database - if you do not have a login yet, contact the webmaster.
CRA18440.jpg (74.5 KiB) Viewed 977 times
Here also is a very poor shot which is a detail from a photo of the preserved grain wagon painted in LGW livery in the Museum of Scottish Railways at Bo'ness; however, it shows the roof ironwork in a little more detail. The split between the roof doors is at the extreme left, so what you see is one of a pair of doors with the hinge straps equally distributed about their joint. By contrast the builder's photo has assymetric hinge straps. It is possible that the preserved vehicle's straps are not original, or even that they are a cosmetic part of the restoration.
P1120011-detail.JPG (68.54 KiB) Viewed 977 times
The museum placard for this wagon states its workings were Leith Docks - Gorgie, and Leith Docks - Cameron Bridge. The manufacturer is not clear: there are no plates or marked axlebox covers. The SRPS website says it is a Hurst Nelson vehicle of 1903, but that it is "not complete internally". The collection's other grain wagon, a Hurst Nelson wagon lettered for Robert Hutchisons of Kirkcaldy, is in "as found" condition apart from being generally cleaned up, and while this allows the original woodwork and paintwork to be seen, unfortunately the roof has not survived, as this interior shot shows. The internal sloping hopper floor and hopper discharge are visible.
P1120008 - Copy.JPG
P1120008 - Copy.JPG (49.01 KiB) Viewed 977 times
Several CRA members are very active at Bo'ness and possibly one of them could be prevailed on to take a better photo of the preserved LGW wagon's roof. It is difficult to photograph without a stepladder, however.

Hope that helps
Graham (photo archivist)
Jim Summers
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Re: Roof doors on LGW grain wagons

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I will have a go at a roof photo at Bo'ness, but unfortunately and unusually I will not be there until 15th December.

I understand that someone has currently been making inquiries direct to the C&W Dept at Bo'ness.
Are there two people coincidentally pursuing this, perhaps?

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