Locomotive Wheel Specifications

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Jim Summers
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Locomotive Wheel Specifications

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Modellers and, I hope, others will be aware of the valuable book which Mike Sharman produced giving the wheel specifications, complete with spokes, crank throw etc., for all classes of locos from the ancient to the relatively modern.

A monumental piece of hard work, it has been out print for some time now, and it is never going to be reprinted from the old printing plates. But it is still a classic work. The Scalefour Society has embarked on digitalising the material, with a view to re-publishing the book at reasonable cost, and with some additional material. A clever member has already done the conversion, but volunteers are now being sought to check the conversion has not any sillies in it - proofreading in other words.

We would like someone to do the proofreading for the Caledonian section (and other Scottish ones, if so minded), and if he or she can add/amend any details - on the basis of facts - then that would be even better.

So, do we have any knowledgeable volunteers from the Association?
If so, please contact me.

Jim S.
Dave Lochrie
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Re: Locomotive Wheel Specifications

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In case someone does not have access to Mike Sharman's booklet, I have attached an abstract of the Caledonian specs, up to 1914, produced I think by Len Folkard in the 1970's, before the invention of spreadsheets. There are gaps and omissions, and the original format did not allow for variations or later swops; Jubilee Pugs and Lambie 211 class locos were outshopped in CR and LMS days sometimes with original T section wheels and sometimes with standard 782 4'6" wheels (never seen a 29/782 with T spokes however)
CR LOCO WHEELS 1.jpg (243.32 KiB) Viewed 3825 times
CR LOCO WHEELS 2.jpg (240.25 KiB) Viewed 3825 times
Jim, sorry I missed Scalefour, especially with the added Scottish flavour, but I trust the Caledonian Banner was well and TRUEly flown.
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