CR 0-6-0ST No141/516/1516

Any aspect related to the prototype stock.
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CR 0-6-0ST No141/516/1516

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Bertram Baxter (British Locomotive Catalogue, Vol 4, page 66) states that CR 0-6-0ST No 141 (subsequently No 516 in 1877) was used intermittently in the construction of the 'Oban line', which would probably refer to the 1873-1880 period, though use in the Ballachuilish extension might be inferred. The loco was withdrawn in 1907 as CR No 1516. I am trying to find the source of the Bertram Baxter remark.

David Hamilton has kindly provided me with data from the Neilson order book, the GA for the loco being attached. The CRA photo-archive has a nice shot of No 516 (presumably from the St Rollox 1897 series of photographs), and this is also attached. The St Rollox boiler proving register indicates No 141 was allocated new to Carstairs shed in 1873, the loco being classed as a 'banking engine'. No further references to allocation appear to be given.

Any further information on this unique loco, which seems to have been based on a very similar 0-8-0ST built for India, would be appreciated.

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