Point Rod frames

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Point Rod frames

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I am about to start assembly of the point rodding for Kirkallanmuir using the etches developed by Laurie Adams and described by him in MRJ No 260 (p31). Contrary to what Laurie says concerning the Stevens type support frames, from studying the photos in Chapter 6.1 of Jim's book, it appears to me that, although the frames used by the Caley did have an upper roller, they did not have the cross member above this and so there is no row of 'holes' at the top of the frame. Am I correct in this assumption?

Jim W
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Re: Point Rod frames

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I'd agree Jim, seems to be just a an upper roller on a spindle with no longitudinal movement.

Just with my engineering hat on I'd build it as a long bolt or threaded rod through all the stools with a section of tube between the faces. The roller width would be slightly shorter than the tube. Tightened up it would support the upper part of the assembly and still let the roller roll.

Mind you thats how I'd do it in 12 inch to the foot. In 2mm I'd probably peer at the one I ever managed to get right through a microscope and then take the pup for a long walk......
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