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Caledonian Railway Footbridges

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 2:09 pm
by tony brenchley
During a conversation with a fellow researcher the subject of footbridges came up. This is somet6hing I don't know a lot about myself. Can anybody help with the following:

1. Did the CR cast their own footbridge parts at St Rollox or buy them in from a foundry elsewhere?
2. Were they sent out as a kit of parts for assembly on site?
3. Did the district engineers department assemble them or was there a special team that dealt with footbridges throughout the system?
4. More specifically did the CR provide footbridges for the Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway at any time?
5. Does anybody have any information about the footbridge at Monifeith? Like most places the original wooden footbridge was replaced by a cast iron structure.

Tony B