Travelling Crane

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Jim Summers
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Travelling Crane

Post by Jim Summers »

Can anyone identify this crane, please?
Crane unknown.jpg
Crane unknown.jpg (106.51 KiB) Viewed 916 times
It is a picture found with some archival material and is noted Crear on the reverse, nothing else. Crear will of course be Crear McCartney, but what of the crane.

I do not have handy the final volume of Peter Tatlow's brilliant Crane series, where I suspect it might well be found.

The original is destined for the CRA Archives, once we know a bit more about it.

Crane unknown.jpg
Crane unknown.jpg (106.51 KiB) Viewed 916 times
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Re: Travelling Crane

Post by lindsay_g »

'Fraid I can't help. However, I get the impression that the image is this side of Grouping, perhaps well this side of Grouping. The wagon to the right appears to have Caley buffers. The wagon to the left hasn't but does have a distinctive braking arrangement - does that help identify its origin?
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Re: Travelling Crane

Post by dunalastairv »

Isn't the base of the crane a converted tender chassis?
jim mac
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Re: Travelling Crane

Post by jim mac »

I copied the photo uploaded by Jim S many years ago from George Russell's collection and there was a second photo of the r/h wagon in close up, which I attach as it may assist in wagon identification.
IMG_20200304_0001.jpg (73.07 KiB) Viewed 884 times
I have no other information regarding the crane's origin.
jim mac
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Re: Travelling Crane


It's a Diagram 46 mineral wagon with the tipping end taken out. It has been fitted with a second single brake block.which is a bit strange. When the solid buffer Diagram 22's were fitted with sprung buffers, the instruction was to fit a double brake on the side which lacked brake gear.


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