Barrow crossings

Any aspect related to the structures and equipment on the Caledonian Railway Company.
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Re: Barrow crossings

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Just a warning before anyone wastes too much time, for the last three or so years, current versions of Microsoft have not included the useful "Picture Manager", but have the too-clever-by-half "Photos". I haven't so far found it handy for downsizing, and use Photoshop. But Picture Manager was so easy, quick and useful, it doubtless had to be eliminated.
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Re: Barrow crossings

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Thanks, Jim. I hadn't realised that. Apologies to anyone who has been on a wild goose chase around Microsoft Office!

Having said that, there is a free download here ... e-manager/ , but I can't vouch for it as I've no need to download it.

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Re: Barrow crossings

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Nothing whatsoever to do with barrow crossings, dear old Microsoft Paint allows one to crop and resize images quite easily, that's what I use all the time. It's also useful in conjunction with the Print Screen key (PrtScn) to grab whatever is on screen and paste it into Paint for similar cropping and resizing.

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Re: Barrow crossings


I downloaded Microsoft Office 2010 as a separate file a few years back and it works fine.


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Re: Barrow crossings

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'Morning all.

At Graham Tipple and David Lochrie's suggestion, I've started a new post as an addition to this one, entitled "Strathyre Station gardens", which gives more detail of some of the features seen at that location.

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