Another mystery Station.

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Another mystery Station.

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This photo was passed to me by my friend who collects lcal history photos. it was given to him by a man from Coulter ans the suggestion was that it was Coulter Station at Wolfclyde on the Peebles branch. From photos in 'Peebles Railways' and also from a google streetview of the, still standing, building I have been able to say that it is definitely not Coulter. The building is brick, whereas Coulter is stone and it is also the wrong shape. In addition, the waiting shelter at Coulter was a separate building.
Mystery station.jpg
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That leaves the question s to where it is. It is certainly CR as the station master and porter both have 'CR' on their caps. there is lettering on the barrow which appears to read '?CART...TX'. I have asked him if this is any clearer on his original.

Over to the station experts.

Jim W
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Re: Another mystery Station.

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It looks like Carnwath Station, to the left of the Porter is the Station name but very blurred, it is a rare photograph in Caley days, is it possible to obtain a copy for the CRA Photo Archive, please.
Here is one for comparison taken in the 1930,s.
David Blevins.
Carnwath DB.jpg
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