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Digital Images from the SRO (NAS)

Posted: Wed May 05, 2021 10:05 am
by Niall Ferguson
I attempted recently to obtain copies of a number of RHP drawings of the Dundee & Arbroath Railway from the SRO and members may be interested in the present situation during the pandemic. Copies of drawings are not available UNLESS there is already a digital image on file. In that case images are available for only 50p (sic) per image with a minimum charge (search fee) of £15.00p That covers up to 30 images. I sent in a large list of images that I wanted (about 40) which I made on a visit to Charlotte Square some years ago, of which only 5 were already digitalised. So, if anyone has copies of Dundee & Arbroath items from the RHP list which they would be willing to scan or photograph for me, I can send them the list of images in which I am interested.
Niall Ferguson