Bervie Water Viaduct

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Bervie Water Viaduct

Postby Jim Summers » Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:03 pm

Cleaning up the place on Hogmanay, as you do, I came across a Railtrack calendar for 1998, promising us wonderful things it was going to do.
The calendar contained reproductions of old bridge drawings, and for August there was this Caledonian one.

So, by way of wishing everyone on the Forum a happy and peaceful New Year, here is Bervie Water Viaduct.

According to Railtrack, the route was carried on to Aberdeen under Joseph Locke, but it doesn't say he designed the viaduct, indeed no one's name is quoted. It was however constructed in 1845 to span the Bervie Water, 24 miles south of Aberdeen, and is Pratt-type truss girder with a span of 61 feet.

Drumlithie box had gone in my day, there was evidence that it had controlled entrance to an Engineer's coup, now overgrown.

A guid New Year to all!

Jim S
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Re: Bervie Water Viaduct

Postby dumb buffer » Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:32 pm

A lovely calendar to have..... I'm guessing entirely here, but I seem to recall that many bridges between Perth and Aberdeen were replaced in the 1870's because the wooden originals had seriously decayed. And I wouldn't have thought that Pratt - type truss girders were in vogue as early as 1845. But I could well be wrong!


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