RTR Caley 812.

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Re: RTR Caley 812.

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I didn't ask about ease of converting to EM or P4 - I seem to remember that someone recently had problems attempting to convert an NBR engine for this very reason. It's hard to say from the images available what the situation might be. I fear the tender may require a fair bit of butchery to convert as both the valance and side frames are overscale in thickness and so the remaining distance between the inner faces of the frames might be too narrow. Perhaps that nice Mr Franks might provide an etched chassis for converting the tender - which would be great if it included the outer frames as that would save me fashioning new frames for the Caley Coaches kit as the 6 holes are of incorrect size and positioned wrongly.

Whilst looking at the tender, I've just noticed that the axleboxes are OK for LMS/BR periods but as built all 812 tenders seemed to have the axleboxes with the CR initials on them. Also, 812's didn't have a ring plate around the smokebox door until later years either, 828 only acquiring one sometime during the BR period. I'm going to stop referring back to the images!

tony brenchley
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Re: RTR Caley 812.

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Thanks Lindsay. I think the engine you refer to is the Hornby NBR J36 which will need to be rebuilt with new splashers as the spacing has been set for narrow gauge. Hence my comment about the finish.

I tried to open a dialogue with Rails about this and was told to wait until the design of the model was more advanced. As this now seems to be the case I will pester them again. If you want to back up my contact the guy to email at Rails is called Warren.

Tony B
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