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Bearsden Wagon Works - Gauge 0 Wagons

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:14 pm
by David Blevins
There have been a number of Caledonian Railway Wagons, Gauge O, for Sale on E-bay of late and they were marked on the underside "BEARSDEN WAGON WORKS 2002". I believe they were the work of Ronnie Cockburn, a stalwart of the Caledonian Railway Association from it's early inception away back in the 1970,s. The Wagons came in Kit form I believe, but did the CRA obtain the masters for the castings or know the whereabouts of the original design work?
Perhaps there is information within the CRA Minutes or the Archive.
They could be very useful if the Association ever goes down the route of CR Wagons in Gauge O.
I am sure someone within the Association will remember the History of Bearsden Wagon Works.
David Blevins.