812/652 Class 3D Prints in development

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812/652 Class 3D Prints in development

Post by Buhar » Sun Aug 25, 2019 9:08 pm

Members may be interested in the preparation of a 3D printed model of the 812 Class and also the 652 variant with the amended cab side-sheets. Gavin (known as "Knuckles" on RMWeb) has previously done a couple of Furness engines which were (and probably still are) available though Shapeways. Increasingly frustrated with Shapeways pricing and irrational changes to tolerances he has bought his own resin printer which cures the layers by UV light. This gives a much smoother finish (not sheet-material standard of course) and has given Gavin much more control of the process. He is now selling direct (or rather printing to order). Previous models have had a 3D printed chassis but I know that going the etched route is planned.

I am aware that Caley Coaches have had an etched 812 for years but have indicated that the Rails model will probably see the end of that. I don't think this venture would impact on Jim's remaining sales as those who would choose a high quality etched kit would probably not opt for a 3D print instead.

I've not bought from the man yet (I was not a fan of the Shapeways output) but I have been following developments on his thread and bunged him some prototype info on the 812. The thread is at https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index ... nt=3640577

I know Gavin is keen on getting things right, so will welcome any comments or suggestions. He models in both 00 and S4 so I suspect all three 4mm variants will be taken into account. If anyone is minded to get in touch directly his email is [email protected]

I have no stake in this venture, although if it looks good I will certainly get a couple, my enlightened self-interest in bringing this to the forum is the production of an accurate model.


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Re: 812/652 Class 3D Prints in development

Post by lindsay_g » Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:33 pm

What a strange choice of prototype to create a 3D print in, given that there is already an etched kit for both variants and soon a ready to run model for the 812. The quality of either would be superior and the effort to take a 3D print to the state of a working model will be far far greater. The logic defeats me.


tony brenchley
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Re: 812/652 Class 3D Prints in development

Post by tony brenchley » Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:17 am

Seeing these posts and with reference to the proposed Rails of Sheffield Class 812 model I have tried to open a dialogue with R o S to try to ensure they don't produce a ready to run model that is difficult to convert to P4 standards.

The Hornby LSWR class 600 will just about accept P4 wheels but the wheel splashers on their NBR J36 are set too narrow and will only accept P4 wheel sets with some fairly major surgery. R o S acknowledged my enquiry and promised to forward it to whoever is organising the manufacture. It is now a few weeks since this contact and the absence of a reply is now further incentive for me to chase this up.

Has any body else had contact with R o S about their model?

Tony B

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Re: 812/652 Class 3D Prints in development

Post by Buhar » Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:19 pm

Lindsay, you're right if the project is looked at from anything approaching a commercial perspective, however the cost and accessibility of processes like the Portrait cutter, 3D printing, bespoke laser cutting and etching have all led to small-scale production or one-off items. Additionally, doing the designs and using the equipment have probably become aspects of the hobby in their own right in that people take enjoyment from the process as well as the outcome.

That's my own take. Gavin and I have corresponded about the project and he pointed out that he wanted at least four 812s for himself (he already has a couple of Caley Coaches etched kits awaiting building), has his own printer and so doing the design was cost-effective from the start. A 3D design also gives the opportunity to re-scale pretty quickly and with this particular loco there are some kith and kin that could be accommodated with fairly minor tweaks.

The body is now available in two styles, riveted and the purer un-riveted CR version and the purchaser is invited to specify their gauge so the splashers can be set correctly. There are three types of smokebox door available and either Ramsbottom or Ross pop valves. There is no top lamp iron as it won't print there, so that will need to be a wee bit of etch and also no washin'-hoose contraption is provided. The tender is likely to be a 3000gal version initially but that's not done yet.

Herewith are some pictures, please note the colour images are screenshots of the 3D design, not an actual model and the one in blue has the wrong smokebox door for that period. The other images are of actual prints.
812a.jpg (58.41 KiB) Viewed 1488 times
812c.jpg (44.99 KiB) Viewed 1488 times
812d.jpg (29.5 KiB) Viewed 1488 times
812e.jpg (27.27 KiB) Viewed 1488 times
812b1.jpg (67.43 KiB) Viewed 1488 times
The cost of the body is £44.89 with £5.00 p+p from [email protected].

As I said previously, I am not yet even a customer of Gavin's, let alone having any financial interest in the concern. If any issues are spotted with the design please e-mail Gavin (the boiler bands have already been thinned to 0.1mm from the previous 0.2mm) it seems amendments can be made pretty much on-the-hoof.


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Re: 812/652 Class 3D Prints in development

Post by caleyJim » Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:42 am

While I am biased as the owner of Caley Coaches Ltd. I too find the choice of prototype baffling, not because of the kit in the Caley Coaches range which I realise is not for everyone but because of the forthcoming Rails/Bachmann model.

In reply to the comment "Caley Coaches have had an etched 812 for years but have indicated that the Rails model will probably see the end of that": The kit will continue to be available as long as there is demand but it has to be said that sales have dried up to a trickle since the announcement of the RTR model. Being only a small concern, it is not possible to hold stocks of slow selling lines (which would consume scarce capital) and the decision to pull the plug may have to be made at some time in the future. If that does happen, plenty of notice will be given.


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Re: 812/652 Class 3D Prints in development

Post by Coronach » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:30 pm

Basically, the guy doing them wanted a pair for his own project but seeing the interest has offered it to a wider audience and let's be honest, it's a type we could never have enough, I suspect!


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