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Harthope Viaduct Photo

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 11:13 am
by WCML55.68
Good morning,

Ive purchased a photo from ebay, sadly the quality is very poor and I suspect that it has been scanned from a book. I wonder if anyone can help with the title of the book or source of the photo or the photographer. The complete photo shows very much more!!
Below is a small portion of the photo just to help the search.

Scottish Rambler Railtour No 3 29.03.64 ex-LMS Crab 42737 on maroon Mark 1s crossing Harthope Viaduct with a large crane in the foreground and taken from the (now) M74 side.

Just look at that itinerary! Long gone are the days when you could just hire a train and explore the network like this.