Model railway magazine drawings 1959-1985

To assist modellers plan and build a Caledonian Railway layout with the appropriate stock. A list/catalogue of supplies and components is available to members in the Association Resources section of the Forum below.
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Barry Rhys
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Model railway magazine drawings 1959-1985

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Alan K suggested I bring over a small post from the Members' Forum and expand it somewhat. Somewhat being a bit of an understatement!

One of the most valuable model railway aids I have ever owned is a drawings guide entitled Model Railway Constructor Special: 7 Model Drawings Reference Book. It was published back in 1985 and contains a list of all scale drawings published between Jan 1959 and Jun 1985 in the three major model railway magazines - namely Model Railway Constructor MRC, Railway Modeller RM, and Model Railway News MRN (Model Railways MRY from 1971). The lists are divided by the 4 post-grouping railways and British Railways, plus narrow gauge, industrial etc. Within these are listed the pre-grouping constituents; all drawings listed by title, magazine and issue month/year. So I can get, for example, all Caledonian Railway Locomotive, Carriages/NPCS, Wagon, Structure and Track Plan drawing references within minutes.

Alan's suggestion was that I list all the Caley drawings here for all our fellow Members to see. So let's start with the locomotives, then continue the other sections in subsequent posts.

Conner (1878) - MRN 1/63
'Oban Bogie' - RM 3/74
Nos 13-18 - RM 2/66
Drummond (1888) - RM 10/70
'Dunalastair III' - RM 3/70
'Dunalastair IV' - Saturated and Superheated - MRC 3/78
Neilson (1868) - MRN 11/65
Class 55 - RM 1/66
Class 60 - RM 3/69
Nos 262-263 - RM 10/66
Class 19 - RM 3/72
'Jubilee Pug' - MRY 7/75
Class 492 - RM 3/77
4,300 gal McIntosh - MRC 3/78
4'600 gal McIntosh - MRC 3/78
15 ton Steam Breakdown Crane - MRC 3/72

I'll pass some further comments on the guide in the next post.

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Barry Rhys
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Re: Model railway magazine drawings 1959-1985

Post by Barry Rhys »

Hi all,

Continuing from yesterday's post containing the locomotive drawings listed in the Model Railway Constructor Special: 7 Model Drawings Reference Book, following are the listed Caledonian Railway coach and freight stock. I have also included the list of West Coast Joint Stock carriages.

The guide was compiled by Clive S. Carter and published by Ian Allan under ISBN 0-7110-1525-2 (for those that fancy searching it out) in 1985, for a price of £3.95. Interestingly at the back are promoted the other MRC Specials:
1. Planning and Basic Data - S.W.Stevens-Stratten & Chris Leigh
2. Scenery - Chris Leigh
3. (Not listed)
4. Buildings - Chris Leigh
5. Modelling for Beginners - S.W.Stevens-Stratten
6. Locomotive Kits - S.W.Stevens-Stratten

I have listed everything with exactly the titles and information contained in the original, neither less nor more. Hope they are of interest.

Coaching Stock
45' Non-Corr Composite - MRY 5/75
45' Non-Corr Third - MRY 5/75
57' Brake Composite - MRC 1/63
65' 12 wheel 'Grampian' Stock - MRC 10/60
4 wheel Carriage Truck (Fish & Game Van) - MRY 1/75
6 wheel Carriage Truck - RM 11/59
Horse Box (1870) - RM 3/75

West Coast Joint Stock
50' Arc Roof Corridor Stock:
Composite (Diag 30) - MRC 9/71
Third (Diag 51) - MRC 9/71
Brake First (Diag 18) - MRC 9/71
Brake Composite (Diag 42) - MRC 9/71
Brake Third (Diag 67) - MRC 9/71
50' Sleeping Saloon - MRC 9/72
42' Travelling Post Office - MRC 7/70
64' Travelling Post Office - MRC 9/72
6 wheel Parcel Sorting Van - MRC 12/68
6 wheel Fish Van (Diag 107) - MRY 6/73

Freight Stock
6 ton Van - MRN 10/61
6 ton Van - MRN 10/63
8 ton Refrigerator Van - MRC 2/67
10 ton Van - MRN 2/63
10 ton Van - MRC 7/64
10 ton Van - MRC 9/82
6 wheel Brake Van - RM 11/59
Brake Van - Ballast Plow - MRN 11/62
5 ton Cask Wagon - RM 11/59
7 ton low-sided Wagon - MRN 5/65
8 ton low-sided Wagon - MRN 12/65
8 ton Dropside Wagon - RM 5/74
10 ton end door Coal Wagon - MRC 6/73
12 ton Hopper Ballast Wagon - MRN 11/62
14 ton drop-sided Pig Iron Wagon - RM 7/75
16 ton end door Coal Wagon - MRN 5/65
16 ton Tube Wagon - RM 11/59
Machine Wagon - RM 11/59

The next and final post will contain the Caledonian Railway Structures and Track Plans listed in the guide.

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Jim Summers
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Re: Model railway magazine drawings 1959-1985

Post by Jim Summers »

Just a word of appreciation for your efforts, Neil.

I am rather pleased at how many of these I have accumulated over the years, but now I know just what my gaps are.

Barry Rhys
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Re: Model railway magazine drawings 1959-1985

Post by Barry Rhys »

Thanks Jim, that's very kind.

Several years ago I brutally culled my fairly weighty collection of model railway magazines, predominantly Railway Modellers it must be said, by extracting all the drawings and dumping very nearly everything else as, beyond nostalgia, I could only see the drawings having a useful future. At some later date I finally organised the pile of drawings into railway companies and simultaneously marked off with a pencil dot every drawing I had in the Guide - sad I know! Try explaining that to the missus.

An interesting fact is that if you are interested in seeing model photos, learning techniques etc that in days past were the prerogative of the model railway magazines, nowadays through internet sites such as the RMWeb forum I think it is possible to view and learn almost everything you would want without buying such a magazine - hence my decision to cull all my collection's articles and other content. But even today I think it is almost impossible to find drawings of railway stock or buildings on the internet. The massive number of books released through line associations such as our very own CRA were just not available at the time these drawings were being published, but now pretty much everything published then is available in much more depth through the various books. And yet as a pregrouping modeller who wanted to put together a train of mixed wagons from a number of neighbouring railways (surely I am not the only one!) I was always surprised that I couldn't find a book that gathers together a variety of common wagons from most of the major railways - say just 3 or 4 open wagons and possibly a van from each railway - so that you could build a nice interesting selection for your own region of the country. Something from which you could extract a selection of, say, CR, NB, G&SW and LNWR drawings all in one book. Interestingly, looking at the G&SWR, I don't think there are any books of wagon drawings at all; whereas the magazines have 15 wagon drawings, 12 of them from the pen of Ken Werrett.

Anyway, 'nuff said of my personal musings. The final drawings sections in the MRC Special are Structures and Track Plans.

Longforgan - MRY 3/75
Lesmahagow - RM 4/70
Errol - RM 4/70
Errol - RM 5/70
Station Footbridge - RM 5/70
Station Valance - MRN 9/60
Dubton - RM 4/70
Kelvinbridge - RM 9/64
Kirtlebridge - MRN 12/67
Lesmahagow Junction - MRC 6/72
Polmadie - RM 3/70
Goods Shed - Timber - RM 5/70
Bowstring Girder Bridge - RM 3/71
Milepost - RM 5/70
Signals - MRN 5/63
Signals - MRC 1/69
Signals - RM 3/71
Lattice Signal Posts - MRN 2/63
Signals - Ground - RM 3/70
Signals - Ground - MRC 1/85
Signals Summary - MRC 8/84

Track Plans
Ballachulish - RM 4/76
Killin - MRN 3/63
Loch Tay - MRN 3/63
Longforgen - MRY 1/75
Oban - MRY 1/74
Stanley Jcn (CR/HR) - MRN 9/62

Barnton and Davidson's Mains (see Lindsay G's post below) - Practical Model Railways 9/84

And finally, for those of you interested in acquiring any of the magazines, I would straight away recommend to you the Vintage Carriages Trust (website here: where I have been able to find almost every magazine that I enquired about at very good prices. All the magazines have been donated to the VCT, which is a registered charity based at Ingrow Railway Centre on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway that restores carriages for the good of us all - so you will be supporting them when you buy the magazines too.

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Alan K
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Re: Model railway magazine drawings 1959-1985

Post by Alan K »

Thanks Neil, that's quite a resource!

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Re: Model railway magazine drawings 1959-1985

Post by lindsay_g »

Whilst having a coffee in the sunshine and randomly Googling (as one does during lockdown) I came across a reference in the Canmore site to an article by D Evans "Barnton and Davidson's Mains" in Practical Model Railways Vol Sept 1984. Another search on Google suggests this contains station plans. Might anyone have access to this magazine as I'd be interested in reading it, and should this be added to the list?

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Re: Model railway magazine drawings 1959-1985

Post by Orraman »

Looks as though both the Practical Model Railways Vol Sept 1984 and the Model Railway Constructor Special: 7 Model Drawings Reference Book referred to further down are held by the National Library of Scotland if anyone wants to refer to them.
Barry Rhys
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Re: Model railway magazine drawings 1959-1985

Post by Barry Rhys »

Hi Lindsay, I've included the Barnton and Davidson's Mains reference in my post, although it wouldn't have appeared in the MRC guide as that only covered the 3 main magazines. Looking at the contents on one magazine sales website it lists Station Plans, so it may be station building drawings rather than track plans?

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