30 Ton Bogie Wagons

To assist modellers plan and build a Caledonian Railway layout with the appropriate stock. A list/catalogue of supplies and components is available to members in the Association Resources section of the Forum below.
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30 Ton Bogie Wagons

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There are photo's of the pre-production models of the 30 ton bogie ore wagons that I am in the process of producing on the St Rollox website. Not sure how to insert link
I'll also be at ModeRail this weekend if you want to see them close up
Comments welcome especially information on buffers or bogie sideframes.
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Re: 30 Ton Bogie Wagons

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The link to St Rollox Models is http://www.strolloxmodels.co.uk.
I have also added this to the website

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Re: 30 Ton Bogie Wagons

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Looking good so far - must take a closer look at Model Rail. There is a surpising number of P4 types in the association (well, I was surprised by the number that I've listed so far!) - compensated/sprung bogies?

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Re: 30 Ton Bogie Wagons


Congrats on getting so far with the wagons, Bill. There was certainly quite a bit of interest in Glasgow. Since coming home I've had another thought. Did you include the Leeds Forge patent plates which appeared on both body and bogies?


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