John Boyle Decent Models 4mm Carriage Etches

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tony brenchley
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John Boyle Decent Models 4mm Carriage Etches

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I have acquired a number of John Boyle's etches in 4mm scale passed to me by Roger Pidgeon who found them when clearing John's house.

All these are bodies only, although there are roofs with some of the bogie stock, but no castings. My first task is to try to acquire some of the missing bits to make up as many of these as kits as I can and as John would have sold them. I will make these available to CRA members only free of charge but will be asking for donations to CRA funds to cover the not inconsiderable cost of moving John's drawings collection and other material to Scotland for the CRA Archives.

I have the following:

45' bogie - 5 x 1st, 3 x full brake
6 wheel Drummond - 1 x 3rd, 1 x 1st, 1 x brake composite
4 wheel Drummond - 3 x 1st, 4 x brake 3rd

The bogie carriages need bogie, end, buffer beam and other castings. The 6 and 4 wheel etches have no ends as these were included on the underframe etches, no roofs or castings. Does anybody have spare underframe etches or any castings used in the kits that I can use to make up kits? I have some spare carriage buffers and lamp tops myself and some of the missing bits like carriage springs are available from 51L

If you are interested in any of the etches as they are let me know. I will make up a list of people interested in complete kits or as near as I can get so again please let me know if you prefer this option. Please use my email for this [email protected].

For myself, I would like a 6 wheel underframe etch to go with one of the body etches.

Tony B
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