To assist modellers plan and build a Caledonian Railway layout with the appropriate stock. A list/catalogue of supplies and components is available to members in the Association Resources section of the Forum below.
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Jim Summers
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A friend in the NBR persuasion has written to me as follows:

"I've been sorting out a few things and working out how many NB wagon transfers I still need. Before rushing off to HMRS however I have about 4 sheets of existing ones with everything but NB.

Might anyone in the Caley group have similar but the other way around? In other words might anyone want to do a swap?"

If anyone wishes to barter in this way, please send me a Personal Message.

Jim S
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Re: Transfers

Post by BillAuld »

I've got 5 sheets that I would be prepared to cut the NB transfers out of.
Not sure how to send PMs.
dumb buffer
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Re: Transfers

Post by dumb buffer »

I have 7 sheets with assorted quantities of NB transfers, plus I have unlimited quantities of self adhesive wagon numberplates (as used on many Burntisland wagons.

Allan F
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