Gauge 1 modelling

To assist modellers plan and build a Caledonian Railway layout with the appropriate stock. A list/catalogue of supplies and components is available to members in the Association Resources section of the Forum below.
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jim mac
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Gauge 1 modelling

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I thought that the Forum members might be interested in the exchange of emails arising from a discussion at the Leatherhead show.
"Dear Jim
I had a phone call yesterday from my friend David Brutnell who said he had had a chat with you at Leatherhead on Saturday.
He built my Class 60 model in Gauge One to ⅓2 scale. It is spirit fired (meths) using a chicken feed sump in the tender and 3 wick tubes in the firebox. The paint job is by Alan Brackenborough and is a joy to behold.
This photo was taken this summer running at a Get Together in Essex with my bogie coaches. Photo taken by our Newsletter editor, Bill Read
Same loco photographed on my bookcase indoors - the blue appears darker here but it was a different camera .
Kind regards
Peter Trinder

Thank you for the photographs; it really is a beautiful locomotive with a very impressive rake of Caley coaches. I had previously seen a photograph in the Gauge 1 Journal, which I presume was the same locomotive.
The changing shades of blue in photographs, allows the debate as what was “Caledonian Blue” to continue. I have been heavily involved with CR828, following her around on visits to the heritage railway and don’t think I have seen two photographs which look the same colour. Having been party to deciding which BSI paint to use we have yet to capture a true representation.
David’s Sou’West locomotive is another very fine creation.
Best regards
class 60 (1).jpg
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class 60 (3).jpg
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class 60 (2).jpg
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Jim Summers
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Re: Gauge 1 modelling

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Never mind the colour, don't these look absolutely great?
And I have to say that I generally am not inspired by G&SWR locos, but that one is as handsome a specimen as I have ever seen.
Great to see such photos on the Forum.

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