A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

How to do it, advice sought and offered.
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Jim Summers
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A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by Jim Summers »

Some of us modellers have expressed an interest in an etch for a ground frame, but probably not enough for a commercial product to be commissioned.

However, there are other matters, such as mileposts, point levers, wagon plates etc, older-style signal arms, balance lever arms etc., which are typical of the Caledonian. An etch devoted to a range of wee details might be a better seller, and worth the investment by a trader. Even if it isn't, some of us might be prepared to subscribe in advance to make up a minimum number of orders as an Association product.

I am happy enough to coordinate such a project, so:

1 - what items would we like (in addition to the aforementioned simple ground frame)?

2 - who would be interested in buying an etch at (say) £15?

I am assuming 4mm scale only at the moment. Is that wise?
I shall open preliminary negotiations at the weekend with NBR 4mm Developments, a talented pal of mine, but meantime comments welcome.

Jim S
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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by lindsay_g »

That friendly etcher is presently producing some etched balance arms for me as those in the MSE range aren't typical. I'll post an image of the signals with these arms when they arrive. I also felt that an etch of the blinders would be useful as again nothing similar is in the MSE range.

If the items on the etch were common across several rail companies that would probably help sales - so a number of Stephen's items may be appropriate.

David Elvy
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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by David Elvy »

Jim S,

I can't see me ever returning to 4mm scale but I'm would be interested in any developments in 7mm scale, would it be possible to get some idea of prices for the same items to be etched in 7mm scale as that for 4mm.

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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by jimwatt2mm »

If it's of any interest, I have recently produced an etch for a working CR ground signal in 2mm scale. The etch has both the square topped and round topped flap, so can also be used for the NB and LSWR. Photo of a couple, with a 5p piece for size, attached. Not sure how easy it would be to convert the artwork for 4mm or 7mm. The are currently etched in .25mm n/s.
Two 2mm scale ground signals built from my etches, with a 5p piece for size.
Two 2mm scale ground signals built from my etches, with a 5p piece for size.
ground signals.jpg (245.2 KiB) Viewed 8579 times
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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by jasp »

JIm, magnificent!
Why do you do these things to we modellers struggling with 4mm?
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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by RossB »

I would defiantly be interested in a etch. A set of number plates for one of the Ex-ROD engines would be handy if you could fit them in.
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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by RobinV »

I have recently had a set of 3 ROD number 1808 plates (loco and rear of tender) produced for me in 7mm scale by Guilplates. 1808 was on 'loan' to the CR from it's return from WD service until out of use at the Gretna dump in 8/1921. The quality is excellent and very reasonably priced. I have orderd many sets for CR, HR and NB locos over the years and have had no complaints whatsoever. (Just a satisfied customer) They can etch plates in 2, 3, 4, 7mm, gauge 1 and 16mm scales. Their e-mail address is [email protected].

Robin V
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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by RossB »

Thanks for that Robin, I've been trying for ages to find suitable plates.
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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by Sinclair »


I would be interested in the 4mm etch.

John Lindsay
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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by John Lindsay »

I would also be very interested in any 4mm etch and would be happy to make an "up front" contribution.


John L
tony brenchley
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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by tony brenchley »

I too would like an etch - I will put my mind to listing what could be on it. I am happy to put some money up front for a good cause.

We should include poster boards if John Boyle can't be persuaded to redo his etch. He used to do a very nice etch in nickel silver with various sizes of CR poster boards but there were never many made in 4mm scale. I don't know if the 7mm boys fared any better. Jim S has a photo of this etch that I sent him a year or two ago.

John always tells me he still has all the artwork for his various projects over the years but he is not showing a lot of interest at present in doing 4mm stuff and has a lot of 7mm projects on the go. We are probably best making our own arrangements for a 4mm etch if there is sufficient support.

Some people have been asking about engine number plates following the posting of Mike Gilgannon's notes. Those of you with shorter memories will recall the engine number plates we got batch produced by Gary Wells of 247 Developments not so long ago. He has the artwork based on info I sent him extracted from the HMRS CR Livery Register and can produce CR engine number plates to the various styles to order in both 4 and 7 mm scales.

Tony B
Paul Reilly
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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by Paul Reilly »

To echo earlier posters, I would purchase any 4mm etches produced, I'd make a point of finding a use for them!

Barry Rhys
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Re: A Caledonian Impedimenta Etch

Post by Barry Rhys »

Jim, I would also definitely purchase such an etch, irrespective of what was on it, since I'm certain that at some point in the future I would use at least some bits off the etch and there would be no alternative sources. (Okay, maybe an etched elephant for a CR circus train would be stretching it a bit far. I've already got a Giraffe Car awaiting conversion for that...)

Regarding thoughts for what to include on an etch, I'm trying to think of items that would probably be used by a lot of CR modellers. I think most people would like an etch from which they could use a good proportion of the parts, not just a few of the bits. So one-offs such as specific loco numberplates would not fit that. Also, items that people would either want lots of, or none of (!) (I'm thinking for example of wagon plates, where a wagon modeller would probably want loads but others wouldn't use any, so a limited number only might not satisfy anybody. Maybe signal arms of a specific design would be similar? - one or two only would not be useful for a signal modeller, but somebody not modelling these would find them a waste - sorry I don't know anything about the background to this.)

For a suitable grouping of pieces that a 'typical' CR modeller might use a large proportion of, I think a 'station impedimenta' etch would be ideal. In fact, the etch partially shown in the 'Mike Gilgannon Documents' thread in the 'Rolling Stock' forum area seems to be just such a thing. Thinking of what bits would be of likely use to a CR station modeller (which I suspect most readers are), certainly seats, poster boards, enamel sign frames like those shown in the Mike Gilgannon thread, and station barrows and trolleys, all come to mind as being items that would be used in multiple, in approximately similar proportionate numbers for a given size of station, quite large items so would quickly fill an etch, quite intricate so not easily modelled otherwise, and suitable for etching (though the barrows and trolleys may be too bulky). Would such an etch be unwelcome as it would be too similar to one previously available? - I wouldn't want to step on anybody's feet, but is there any way of still obtaining those etches?

Of course any small widely-used bits that any modeller would only use a few of - quarter-, half- and threequarter-mile signpost plates for example; who has a layout big enough to need more than one or two?! - could easily be included. Also if etch-fillers are necessary, I can think of 2 designs of common bicycle that could between them cover pretty much the whole of the 20th Century - if you don't mind a little tweak like adding wire drop-handlebars to a 1930's straight bars.

Anyway, those are just a few thoughts ripe for discussion, and absolutely not intended to limit what may be produced. As I said at the beginning, I would certainly buy at least one impedimenta etch irrespective of the content, as without showing interest these things will simply not be made.

Half Welsh, 100% Yorkshireman
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