Another Carriage Truck Question

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Another Carriage Truck Question

Post by lindsay_g » Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:45 pm

Does anyone have any images of the CCT that was the subject of the John Boyle kit No 70 - a 4-wheeled panelled covered carriage truck from drawing no. 6413 dated 22/8/1890?

The body on the model seems to cry out for more detail to be added - but perhaps there was little more on the prototype to add to it! However, it is definitely rather bare under the chassis and on the buffer beams and I've no idea if they were dual braked or not.


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Re: Another Carriage Truck Question

Post by MIKEWILLIAMS » Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:15 pm

The 6413 drawing was the first style of Diagram 11a covered carriage truck. They were built on old coach underframes, so would have been Westinghouse fitted at least. No doubt the buffer beams had safety chains. The carriage register has them as dual fitted, but this may have been a later development. Numbers 119, 121 and 129 were in the service of coachbuilders, but there is no record of special lettering. Number 120 was in general service, as were 122 and 128. The last two were used as fish vans and then gunpowder vans, according to the carriage register, but when the changes occurred is unknown. Don't know of any picture. If one surfaces, please make it quick and I can get it in the wagon book!

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