Parts required

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Jim Summers
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Parts required

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John Goss ([email protected]) has been in contact with a tale of an engine needing some loving. Can anyone help?

His problem is set out below.

Jim S

"I have an old NuCast 00 gauge model of either a 113 or 72 class, which is somewhat battered, with a few parts missing.

The most significant bit is the shaft between the forward driver and the lubricator on the right hand side (seen from the cab). The coupling rod has had the linking crank pin snipped off, presumably because the shaft wasn't working very well.
The small reversing lever emerging from the forward splasher on the opposite side has also disappeared.
Have any of your members, by any chance, got any of these components in a spares box - a forlorn hope, but I can only ask!

At least it would be helpful if you could supply me with a diagram showing how this linking shaft was actually erected. The only diagrams I can find are of the opposite side, which of course do not show this arrangement.
Many thanks
John Goss"
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