New Range of Wagon Transfers in 4mm

Details and announcements about our expanding range of specially designed and produced kits of resin wagons, transfers and etched parts
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New Range of Wagon Transfers in 4mm

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Our new wagon transfers in 4mm scale are now available. These include the required lettering and numbering for most types of CR wagon, and cover our range of TLM kits, the 51L range and cutter files currently available on the CRA forum. There is sufficient for 100 wagons.

The sheets include all the standard lettering sizes we have been able to establish from official drawing and photographs and a comprehensive selection of numbers. There is lettering for specialised vehicles like gunpowder vans, loco coal, lime and ballast wagons and for mineral wagons allocated by district. Brake vans used wagon lettering but a selection of the names of the main depot allocations is included.

The comprehensive content, detail and quality of reproduction needs to be seen to be fully appreciated and the photo can only give a hint of what is actually there. The transfers are produced as two sheets, 1A and 1B, each approximately A5 size. The content of the sheets is produced in white, although the photo shows it in black making them easier for you to see. We are confident that this will give most modelers sufficient material to cover all their present and future needs.

The transfers are of the water-slide type. The instructions give the manufacturer’s recommended method of application and full detail of the elements on each sheet. An innovation is a code which groups on the sheet the transfers for specific kits. Our experience of the transfers will develop, and we hope members will use the Forum to describe their experience and add to the pool of knowledge about their use.

The price for CRA and NBRSG members is £16 for one sheet or £30 for both including packing and postage. Prices for non-members are £18 and £32. We do advise and recommend you buy both for full coverage of the content.

We should express our appreciation for everyone who has been involved in the project and particularly to Lindsay Galloway, Jim Summers and Mike Williams for their considerable contributions.

Please send your order to Jim Pairman or Ross Burns (contact details in the True Line) who will advise methods of payment although, as for the TLM kits, PayPal is our preferred method.

Sheet 1A.jpg
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Sheet 1B.jpg
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Instructions for the new range of wagon transfers in 4mm

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Attached are the instructions for the transfers.

You will see that they are very comprehensive and identify the items needed for most Caley wagons and those suitable for kits from TLM and 51L. The manufacturers advice on their use and application is included.

If you have used the transfers and can give us the benefit of your experience please add to our fund of knowledge.

If you have any queries or problems with them please post them also.

This is another opportunity to thank Lindsay Galloway for his sterling work in making the transfers available to us and writing these instructions

Good transferring

Tony B
Final Wagon Transfer Notes.docx
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Re: New Range of Wagon Transfers in 4mm

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This is my first try with the CRA transfers, a pair of D21 loco coal wagons.

D21 cra.JPG
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I read up on alps type transfers and followed the instructions carefully. I would emphasise the need for a gloss varnish coat. I painted this on, though spraying would I think give a flatter finish. The transfers wet very quickly, you need to spot the point at which they begin to slide and get them out of the water and to the model quickly. I wet the areas with microsol, slid the transfers off the backing paper with a cocktail stick then carefully removed the excess moisture with a cotton bud.

After leaving them overnight to dry I then brushed on a matt acrylic vanish.

Overall I am fairly happy with the results. The backing film does become visible if viewed at an acute angle but is reasonably transparent from a straight view. Since the application of gloss then matt varnish does alter the colour and particularly the texture of the underlying paint the whole model needs to be treated rather than just the transfer area or else they do show up as distinct patches.

I will have a go with different varnishes to see if I can get a better finish, I think the basic transfers are fine and that it is my technique which needs a bit of development.

Some further larger scale pictures can be seen at; ... n-service/
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Re: New Range of Wagon Transfers in 4mm

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Useful to have feedback on the use of the transfers
Great result!
Jim P
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