CR Drummond Coach Kits

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Douglas Hind
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CR Drummond Coach Kits

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Can anyone help with this request? If so, please contact David (and myself) - Douglas Hind <[email protected]>
Thank you.

David Wright ([email protected]) sent a message using the contact form at

Good day.
I bought a number of 45ft CR Coach kits and an 1883 Pass Brake Van back in
the 70's - but never got around to building them.
I have the kit instructions for the carriages and the brake van. I
understand that you may want a copy of these. The ones
I have came with the kits from Decent Models and look as if they came off one
of the 'old mimiograph(?) copiers.
My eyesight is not so good these days but I would still like get the models
themselves built and painted.
They are notated as 1x65; 2x66; 1x67; 1x69; 1x13.
I have 6 altogether. Can you help??

Best Rgds, David
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