CRA5/3 - Staff Group Photographs

Photographs of individual staff are held as part of CRA5/2/2. These are being cross referenced to the database.
Those marked LP are filed with other Large Photographs in CRA7/1/3/19.

Archive Record



CRA5/3/1 Airdrie Station Staff and John Ogilvie, Station Master
CRA5/3/2 Balgowan Station Staff
CRA5/3/3 Balquhidder Station Staff and James Walker, Clerk 1908
CRA5/3/4 Crieff Station Staff 1922
CRA5/3/5 Doune Station Staff
CRA5/3/6 Glasgow Central Hotel Staff LP 1900
CRA5/3/7 Greenhill Station Staff 1920
CRA5/3/8 Killin Station Staff 1905
CRA5/3/9 Motherwell Engine Shed Staff and Families – Day Out to Arbroath 1904
CRA5/3/10 Motherwell Station Staff 1908-1910
CRA5/3/11 First Aid Training – CR Staff SRX381, this is filed in CRA7/1/3/23
CRA5/3/12 James Thompson, General Manager (Print from Vanity Fair) LP 1895
CRA5/3/13 Edinburgh Princes Street Station
CRA5/3/14 Biggar Station
CRA5/3/15 Northern Division Staff Aberdeen, montage format LP 1905
CRA5/3/16 Cargill Station Master, not identified by name
CRA5/3/17 St Rollox Locomotive Department Staff, montage format LP 1897
CRA5/3/19 Photograph Alyth Jn Staff (Prob post 1914) 1919
CRA5/3/20 Lanark Racecourse; large (37) staff group (Prob pre 1914) 1914
CRA5/3/21 John Henderson, Stationmaster, Justinhaugh. Also includes a photograph of him as a clerk at Dunblane c 1902; and his School Certificate from Liff Road School, Dundee in 1898. Born 1885. 1921