CRA9/2 - Newspaper, Journal and Magazine Reports

This section of the catalogue needs to be reviewed and provision made to allow for transfer of magazine extracts from other sections above and to establish a filing system of A3 and A4 binders in title and date order.
List of known articles by Publication and date is available as Historical Periodical Articles CRA9/2. The actual extracts and copies are currently held in the Jim MacIntosh collection.

Archive Record



CRA9/2/1 North British Mail – Bridge Street Station Opening, Copy 2 July 1879
CRA9/2/2 North British Mail – Central Station Opening Copy, Copy 1 August 1879
CRA9/2/3 Illustrated London News – Callander & Oban Railway, Copy 3 July 1880
CRA9/2/4 Caledonian Railway History by D. Littlejohn, Locomotive Engineers & Fireman’s Journal, Copy 1896
CRA9/2/5 Railway Magazine, Scottish Extracts on CD, (TB) donation 1897-1899
CRA9/2/6 Railway Magazine, Scottish Extracts on CD, (TB) donation 1900-1904
CRA9/2/7 Railway Magazine, Scottish Extracts on CD, (TB) donation 1905-1909
CRA9/2/8 Railway Magazine – C.R. Diamond Jubilee Magazine 1907
CRA9/2/9 Locomotive Magazine 1897
CRA9/2/10 Locomotive Magazine 1898
CRA9/2/11 Locomotive Magazine, Scottish Extracts on CD, (TB) donation 1898-1914
CRA9/2/12 British Railways and The Great War, Copied ex book 1921
CRA9/2/13 The Glasgow Central Railway, Engineering (2), Copy 1892
CRA9/2/14 Glasgow Central Power Signalling 1908
CRA9/2/15 Glasgow Central Power Signalling, Railway Engineer 1909
CRA9/2/16 The Promotion of the Caledonian Railway extract from an article in Transport History, Copy n.d.
CRA9/2/17 Dugald Drummond ‘An Investigation into the Use of Progressive High Pressures in Con-Compound Locomotive Engines’ in Institute of Civil Engineers Vol. CXXVII, Copy n.d.
CRA9/2/18 Caledonian Railway Signals by CW Underhill, Copy n.d
CRA9/2/19 CR Semaphore Signals – Modelling Signalling Chart – ex MRC was CRA3/7/2/26 n.d
CRA9/2/20 Pall Mall Gazette “Extra” no. 42 – Best Trains of Summer Service 1888, The Railway Race to Edinburgh 1888
CRA9/2/21 The Coming of the Railways to Aberdeen in the 1840s, by J.J. Waterman, Centre for Scottish Studies, University of Aberdeen. Copy n.d.
CRA9/2/22 LMS Magazine (5 items) – Feb. 1925, Dec.1925, Oct. 1928, June 1929, May 1931. 1925 - 1931
CRA9/2/23 International Railway Index, Version 9.1, 2014. Compiled by Gerald Wildish. This CD claims to list 240,000 article references from 3,050 magazine titles covering 240 countries world wide. The CRA receive a copy each year at Model Rail Exhibition in exchange for the four most recent Journals. This CD has not been backed up with the other Digital files in the Archive on the basis that it will be replaced each year.  
CRA9/2/24 Railway Magazine, January – June, gilded page edges and gold blocked presentation copy to G Calthorpe 1907
CRA9/2/25 Railway Magazine Vol.1 July – December 1897. Presentation copy to Sir James Thompson, General Manager: gold blocked lettering and marbled page edges. Major articles – Illustrated interview with Sir James Thompson: Jubilee of the Caledonian Railway (career of George Graham M.I.C.E.); Locomotive Superintendents Department by John F McIntosh. 1897
CRA9/2/26 Report by Lieut Col H A Yorke RE visit to America in 1902 to look at various railways, their equipment and operation 1902
CRA9/2/27 Railway Magazine Oct 1897 Interview with Sir James Thompson October 1897
CRA9/2/27 Facsimile Copy of BOT Report on the Quintinshill crash 1915 1915
CRA9/2/28 Rly & Travel Monthly Sept 1913. Perth General Station September 1913
CRA9/2/29 Railway Magazine May 1922 Princes St Station May 1922
CRA9/2/30 Trains Annual 1967. A day at Edinburgh's Princes St Station in 1935 1935
CRA9/2/31 Railway Magazine July 1902. Edinburgh Princes St July 1902
CRA9/2/31 The Locomotive. Centenary of the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway by Jas F McEwan 15 September 1931
CRA9/2/32 Cuttings from "The Engineer" Oct 1888 with; illustration of 30t crane at Glasgow Harbour hoisting trader's wagon similar to CR Dia 22 October 1888
CRA9/2/32 Scots Magazine. The Leadhills Railway, Robert Kinloch Aug 1965
CRA9/2/33 The Locomotive. The Bankfoot Light Railway (On its closure to passengers) 15 May 1931
CRA9/2/34 Cuttings from "The Engineer" Feb 1903 with; illustrations of construction of Clydebank Dock Feb 2003
CRA9/2/35 Drawings of Duplex Whistle, description by Rous Marten of new Dunalastair 2, diagrams of test run with The Corridor, John Lambie – from The Engineer 1888-95 1888-95
CRA9/2/36 Commemorative booklets and CD marking the 100th anniversary of the Quintinshill disaster May 2015
CRA9/2/37 Perthshire Advertiser extensive supplement with general history and photographs/.biographies of  railway personalities from Perth and Perthshire   12 August 1929