CRA2/3/1 - Directors Reports and Minutes of Board Meetings

Records of executive level meetings and reports. Some items also contain financial information.

Archive Record




CRA2/3/1/1 Directors Report – Solway Junction Railway 31 December 1874
CRA2/3/1/2 Directors Report – Callander & Oban Railway 31 July 1893
CRA2/3/1/3 Directors Report 31 January 1903
CRA2/3/1/4 Directors Report 31 December 1910
CRA2/3/1/5 Directors Report, Copy 31 December 1913
CRA2/3/1/6 Directors Report – Callander & Oban Railway 31 December 1916
CRA2/3/1/7 Directors Report 31 December 1919
CRA2/3/1/8 Directors Report 31 December 1921
CRA2/3/1/9 Minutes of the Caledonian Railway Board, extracts from the volumes [BR/CAL/1/7- 27] (mainly related to Rolling Stock, listed by Jim MacIntosh as MSWord file) {DI} only 1845-1882
CRA2/3/1/11 Ordinary General Meeting 28 February 1922
CRA2/3/1/10 Minutes of the Caledonian Railway Board, extracts from the volumes [BR/CAL/1/27- 82] (mainly related to Rolling Stock, listed by Jim MacIntosh as MSWord file) {DI} only 1882-1923
CRA2/3/1/12 Dumbarton & Balloch Joint – Minutes [Sales Item CRA1/6/45] 20 October 1910
CRA2/3/1/13 Dumbarton & Balloch Joint – Minutes 20 November 1910
CRA2/3/1/14 Dundee & Arbroath Joint Lines – Minutes 29 December 1910
CRA2/3/1/15 Special Meeting Notice – John F. Sargent 1 February 1878
CRA2/3/1/16 Blank – this item has been transferred to CRA3/7/1/13  
CRA2/3/1/17 Committee of Investigation Report, arising from resolution passed at Shareholders’ meeting 27 September 1849, 22pp, Copy 1849
CRA2/3/1/18 Dumbarton and Balloch Joint Line, Circular no.1, notice re closing of Head Office, setting out how the business will be handled by the CR and NBR, 4pp, Copy October 1910
CRA2/3/1/19 LNWR Directors Report & Statement of Accounts for half year ending 31 Dec 1910 1911
CRA2/3/1/20 Minutes of Officers Meeting 20 April 1870 20 April 1870
CRA2/3/1/21 Report of the Committee of Enquiry to the Shareholders of the Cal Rly Co Jan 1868
CRA2/3/1/21 Folio of internal (LMS) correspondence re closure of Irvine branch 1932 - 36
CRA2/3/1/23 Minutes of meeting of Goods Managers and Factors (To determine rates to be charged for space in goods yards and warehouses) 3 July 1920
CRA2/3/1/24 Inspection Tour by Chairman and Directors, accompanied by the General Manager and officers. 26 May - 5th June 1902 (six days). Gives descriptions of all the major works underway at the time including Wemyss Bay widening; Central Station Extension; Blackwood to Strathaven and Darvel; Provan Gas Works branch; Coatbridge - Gartsherrie Widening; Motherwell Mossend and Bellshill; Larkhall and Stonehouse lines; L & A extension; Paisley and Barrhead Railway; Grangemouth New Dock; Moncrieffe Tunnel repair; Uddingston Viaduct; Bellside Quarry; Laundry at Slateford; Princes St Station Hotel; Leith Lines 26 May 1902
CRA2/3/1/24 Directors Report Dundee & Perth Railway re need for extension of line to the new General Station 29 September 1846
CRA2/3/1/25 West Coast Joint Stock Annual statement of coaching and goods stock 31 December 1913