CRA3/4/1 - Technical Diagrams of Rolling Stock

Large volumes (except where indicated) of multiple working details and diagrams of CR rolling stock. See also the drawings in CRA6/1.

Archive Record



CRA3/4/1/1 Diagrams of Carriages, Vans and Trucks, (large diagrams 420 x 160mm) Sales item CRA1/6/26 1916
CRA3/4/1/2 Diagrams and Numbers of Locomotives – 1918 1922
CRA3/4/1/3 Diagrams and Numbers of Locomotives – JF McIntosh – 1903 1922
CRA3/4/1/4 Diagrams of Wagons, Vans, Horse-boxes, Carriage Trucks, etc., (small diagrams 95 x 75mm) Sales item CRA1/6/28 1922
CRA3/4/1/5 Diagrams of Carriages 1922
CRA3/4/1/6 Diagram of Ambulance Train 1922
CRA3/4/1/7 Wagon Stock List, typed copy of the “G” list stapled into buff folder. 1922
CRA3/4/1/8 Wagon Drawing List, prepared by RJ Cockburn (last update 16 May 2009) 1922
CRA3/4/1/9 Diagrams of Caledonian Railway Engines (1½in x 3in) (2) 1922
CRA3/4/1/10 Diagrams of Non-Passenger Stock, Copy, LMS n.d.
CRA3/4/1/11 Diagrams and Numbers of Locomotives-St Rollox, Glasgow, LMS, Sales item CRA1/6/17  
CRA3/4/1/12 Re-numbering of Locomotive Stock, LMS 1927
CRA3/4/1/13 Diagrams of Engines – Northern Division, LMS 1941
CRA3/4/1/14 Coaching Plant Stock Book, the original manuscript ledger ex St Rollox (a typed transcript is available) Sales item CRA1/6/40  
CRA3/4/1/15 Diagrams of Carriages – West Coast Joint Stock Vol. 1, Copy 1922
CRA3/4/1/16 Diagrams of Carriages – West Coast Joint Stock Vol. 2, Copy 1922
CRA3/4/1/17 Locomotive Diagrams, produced by WD Stewart, Sale item. (50 items) listed as CRA3/4/1/17
CRA3/4/1/18 Neilson Diagram Book including Locos built for the Caledonian Railway, Copy 1865-1898
CRA3/4/1/19 Neilson’s 14 in Standard Locomotive – 0-4-0ST Diagram for Caledonian Railway, Copy  
CRA3/4/1/20 15 Ton Breakdown Crane Nos. (2 items, not bound)  
CRA3/4/1/21 Engine Head Lamp Drawing No. 22205 (single drawing) 1923
CRA3/4/1/22 “812” Class Works Drawings CD of scanned drawings from Dubs and Neilson bound sets.  
CRA3/4/1/23 Wagon drawings. 51 items Sale item. listed as CRA3/4/1/23
CRA3/4/1/24 Folder of Special Heavy Weight Wagon Diagrams and Diagrams of Bogies with Wagon Numbers, CR/LMS, 39 items listed as CRA3/4/1/24
CRA3/4/1/25 Diagram of new corridor trains between England & Scotland, CR/LMS  
CRA3/4/1/26 Diagrams, showing the method of loading Long Lengths of Timber, Iron, &c., 14 off in linen covered booklet published by Caledonian Railway January 1923
CRA3/4/1/26 Copy of LMS Northern Division Weight Diagram Book 1946
CRA3/4/1/27 4mm scale drawings of chimneys and domes by S. W Rankin 1976
CRA3/4/1/28 Modellers drawings (4 sheets) of Cravens 20t steam breakdown crane, 7mm scale, by J P Park 1986
CRA3/4/1/29 Withdrawn as identical to CRA3/4/1/12 nd
CRA3/4/1/30 List of Coaching Stock by H No (Compiled by Charles Underhill)  nd
CRA3/4/1/31 List of Carriages, Coaching Stock, & Fitted Goods Stock as at 1923. (compiled by Charles Underhill) (Missing at 26-08-15) nd
CRA3/4/1/32 Set of 11 drawings of CR wagon axleboxes. These are copied from an LMS book of drawings in the possession of the HR Society. nd
CRA3/4/1/33 Folder of notes regarding the construction and use of Pullman cars, compiled by Charles Underhill  
CRA3/4/1/34 Diagrams of Wagons, Vans, Horse-boxes, Carriage Trucks, etc., (small diagrams 95 x 75mm) (Sales item CRA1/6/28)  This copy with annotations by C&W Examiner McKee Greenhill 1922
CRA3/4/1/35 West Coast Joint Stock - Diagrams - Carriage Stock. Large book with drawings and individual numbers of vehicles corresponding to each diagram. n.d.
CRA3/4/1/36 Diagrams of Engines – Northern Division November 1950