CRA3/4/2 - Rolling Stock Technical Information and Testing

Records holding information on rolling stock performance.

Archive Record



CRA3/4/2/1 St. Rollox Workshops – International Eng. Congress 1901
CRA3/4/2/2 Inspectors Report – Crieff 18 June 1910
CRA3/4/2/3 Comparison of Experimental Trips between Glasgow (Mossend) and Carlisle, Copy of large sheets (original from Drawing Office LNWR Crewe, 29/1/1920) presented by Phil Atkins NRM with reference to TTL Article 1987 by Alan G Dunbar. First trip 9.11.19 GCR 2-8-0 Loco no.2078 and second trip 18.1.20 LNWR ‘G1’ 0-8-0 Loco no. 2421 both on mixed Goods Trains. 9 November 1919 & 18 January1920
CRA3/4/2/4 Locomotive Data – Large bound volume assembled by Stuart Rankin (currently unavailable while contents are rationalised)  
CRA3/4/2/5 Westinghouse Automatic Brake, Instruction Booklet published by Westinghouse Company, acquired from retired LMS driver 1912
CRA3/4/2/6 Application of Superheated Steam to Locomotives, booklet produced by Schmidt’s Superheating Co. Ltd, London June 1908
CRA3/4/2/7 Westinghouse Ordinary Automatic Brake, illustrated description 1895
CRA3/4/2/8 Allocation History for McIntosh Superheater and Pickersgill 4-4-0 classes nd
CRA3/4/2/9 Instructions and Records Concerning Examinations of Locomotives at Running Sheds. Octavo booklet issued by J F McIntosh 1st January 1911 01 January 1911
CRA3/4/2/10 Notes on the Workshops of the Caledonian Railway at St Rollox Glasgow. F’scap typed document dated November 1910 giving a general description of the works. Unsigned. November 1910
CRA3/4/2/11 Handwritten copy of  locomotive history by James F MacEwan of early CR locomotives, including absorbed companies. ND
CRA3/4/2/12 St. Rollox Works - A collection of published articles by Keith Miles and related correspondence between him and Graham Ewing on the history of and life at St. Rollox Works.
Donated by Graham Ewing 29.07.17